Let's Send Birthday Cards To A World War II Veteran

Let's Send Birthday Cards To A World War II Veteran

January 22, 2019

Below is a note i received from a Coffee Club listener.  It seemed like fun, rewarding effort and we wanted to play along! -BMCC

This is Darrell C. Kilburn's daughter, Charlene Schoepfel. Dad is a WWII Veteran, and will be turning 94-years old (actually very young at heart, intelligent, creative, with a great sense of humor & more) on February 16, 2019. He recently mentioned to me, "... I only get bills in the mailbox, and would like a birthday card or two." I was thinking ... a great SURPRISE would be for him to receive (via the U.S. Postal Service) many, many birthday cards and/or notes wishing him a Happy Birthday and/or thanking him for his military service in the United States Army during World War II.

He has been on the Rochester Honor Flight (from Rochester, New York) to visit Washington, D.C. to see the WWII memorials and fountain. In May 2018, my Dad was a proud WWII Veteran on the Soaring Valor Flight to visit the WWII Museum in New Orleans, Louisiana, courtesy of The Gary Sinise Foundation in partnership with the National WWII Museum.

My Dad is an extremely courageous man, who fought for Our Country with great pride, and my own hero! Sadly, he was critically wounded on the battlefield in Anzio, Italy, and left for dead by the Germans. His tenacity and faith helped him survive the worst ordeal of his young life. He had just turned 19 years old a handful of days before he was shot down... numerous times ... in the abdomen, finger and leg ... from a German machine gunner. Yes; he was awarded a Purple Heart, and is truly a "miracle man." Darrell C. Kilburn is just one amazing individual of "The Greatest Generation."

Please share this "birthday blitz mail campaign" idea with your friends, family, schools, churches, organizations; i.e. Boy Scouts of America, Girl Scouts of America, as well as VFW Posts and/or American Legions to participate in helping to bring smiles to my Dad's face. His name and mailing address:

Darrell C. Kilburn
WWII Veteran
721 Mosley Road
Fairport, NY 14450

My Mother Doris V Kilburn is very excited about this SURPRISE "birthday blitz mail campaign" for her husband's upcoming 94th birthday! Thank you all & God Bless each of you for making his simple wish come true.