Livonia Resident On Stage With Kenny Chesney

May 12, 2019

You've probably been to a concert and seen an artist notice somebody in the audience and give a shout out to them, or better yet, bring them on stage for one reason or another. Well that's exactly what happened to Sarah Lynn of Livonia Thursday night. She was attending the Kenny Chesney concert in Albany and brought a sign saying it's her birthday and all she wants for a present is a hug from Kenny. It worked. Upon finishing a song, Kenny was looking to hand somebody a guitar he was using and after walking up and down the stage he pointed to Sarah and invited her onstage for the hug AND to hand her his guitar. The stage was about 6 feet high and there were no stairs in sight so the people nearby gave her a boost to get onstage. So what did she say to Kenny?! Sarah isn't quite sure, "I can’t really remember what he said because I was in shock! Haha but I said oh my gosh I love you you’re my favorite singer! Because he is he definitely said happy birthday I love you too but that’s all I remember." After her moment in the spotlight with Kenny, somebody from his crew gave her a case for the guitar. Sarah says on the way out of the show several people recognized her and asked to take a picture with her. This wasn't Sarah's first Kenny Chesney concert. She's seen him perform at CMAC, Syracuse and Tampa.