Who should be on an 80's country nostalgia tour?!

October 9, 2018

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New Kids on the Block just announced they are hitting the road next year with a throwback tour celebrating the 30th anniversary of their "Hangin' tough" album. The tour will make a stop in Buffalo Friday, June 21, 2019 at KeyBank Center. The show will include performances from 80's icons Debbie Gibson, Tiffany, Naughty by Nature and Salt-N-Pepa. Wouldn't it be great to see a similar COUNTRY tour hit the road featuring some of the biggest names from the 80's? I'm talking artists who just scream "80's" when you hear their names. Who should be on the lineup? It will need a band headliner, two female acts and two bands. With that said, if I had a pile of money to make it happen here's the show I'd put together. Oh, before we dive into the list I think I'd have to put a giant asterisk next a giant superstar in the country format: Garth Brooks. He has dominated the charts for decades and is still selling out venues across the planet. BUT...his first album wasn't released until Spring of 1989, so technically he was making hits in the 80's but I'd really put him in the category of being a 90's & 00's star more than from the 80's. Now, on with the list.


Band headliner: Alabama. With dozens of #1 singles in the 80's they could play for two hours and you'd know every single song.

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Female act #1: Reba McEntire. No other female act had a string of hits or the longevity like Reba. And that big hair?!  'Nuff said. 

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Female act #2: Patty Loveless. With 5 #1 hits she'd make for a solid "Tiffany" replacement. 

Band #1: The Judds. Naomi and Wynonna had 14 #1 hits and scored 5 Grammy awards. And again, big hair that planted them firmly in the 80's. 

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Band #2: Sawyer Brown. Nothing screams "The 80's" like the talent show "Star Search" and that's the program that put the band onto national television and jump started a career that spawned three #1 hits and over a dozen albums. While the guys didn't have giant 80's hair, they did rock some pretty hardcore mullets and they certainly had plenty of clothes from the 80's closet.