Facebook Wants To Make An Emoji Of Your Face

May 18, 2016
Ready for an Emoji that looks like you? I'm not talking about one that's closer in color to your own skin tone, or Bitmojis which look like a cartoon version of you. Facebook wants to make Emjois that look just like you. When's my photo shoot?

Here's how it would work. Facebook would scan the library of your photos and find pictures of you making different expressions. Then when you put in a smiley face emoji, it would replace it with an actual photo of you smiling. 
As of now they've only filed a patent, so no idea when this might show up for us to use. I like it though! I'm enough of a geek that I probably would want to take special photos for each expression. Just don't let my wife get an eye rolling one - I see that enough in person. ;)

-Mike Draup

Photo: USA Today