Unlike Kim, Kobe Bryant Did Break The Internet

April 14, 2016
While the Golden State Warriors were setting a regular season win record, it was all about Kobe Bryant in L.A. last night. He scored 60 points. I don't want to take away from that, but I do have to point out that he was encouraged to take more shots and the defense might have been a little weak in this game that didn't matter. 

First of all, the Lakers Twitter account DISAPPEARED! 
So even though Kim Kardashian never did break the Internet, Kobe did. The team moved to a different account while the main one was down:
Kobe won't win another championship ring, but the team did present him with this 4.87 carat diamond ring:
Here's the tribute video they played for Kobe:

And at the end of the game Kobe addressed the crowd:

-Jerry Potter

Photo: USA Today