UPDATE: Actress Megan Fox Postponing Divorce Because She's Pregnant?

April 13, 2016

Actress Megan Fox says she was as surprised as anyone when she found out that she was pregnant again with husband Brian Austin Green. Last August she filed for divorce and listed the separation date as June 15, 2015. Do the math and you discover that was more than 9 months ago. 

Earlier this week (according to an insider), the divorce was going to be postponed or canceled as they are both really happy about the baby. And as we all know, nothing helps a marriage like the stress and sleep deprivation that comes with a newborn! If this is true I hope they're going to make a real effort to make things work rather than just assume the baby will fix everything.

People is now reporting the divorce will go ahead as planned.

Despite multiple sources saying her husband is the father, Megan is having some fun with the baby daddy rumors on Instagram:



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-Jerry Potter

Photo: USA Today