Was John Cusack's Stalker Inspired By His Movies?

April 14, 2016

John Cusack has won a restraining order against a creeptastic-sounding stalker.  

According to TMZ, the actor says Marieretno Subali tracks his location via social media and has showed up at his home multiple times. She's also emailed his family members, including one email in which she allegedly threatened to cast a "black candle spell" that would render him permanently impotent.

A judge ordered that she cease contacting Cusack and his family and stay 100 yards away from them. Not sure that's far enough to stop that spell though.


Cusack has had a few stalkers in his past. Elizabeth Diane Pahlke was arrested and charged after she sent him messages on Twitter and broke into his house in Malibu.

Should I mention the fact that John Cusack movies encourage a mild form of stalking in order to get the girl to notice the geek? No, we shouldn’t go there? Okay.

-Jerry Potter

Photo: USA Today