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Mom Crush

Video of Mom Crush When you've moved beyond having a girl crush, to having a MOM crush.
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Luke Pell got a lot of attention recently on ABC's "The Bachelorette." He's keeping busy these days touring as he works his first country single to radio stations across the nation. Billy Kidd chats with Luke about his fitness routine and how he sticks to a sound nurtrition plan with such a busy...

WBEE Country Music News January: 31st, 2017

Video of WBEE Country Music News: Monday, January 31st, 2017 Country music news for January 31st, 2017 includes country artists performing on the Grammy's and where you can STREAM Garth Brook's new music.
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Rochester resident Dan Edwards checks in from Ft. Lauderdale airport after mass shooting

There was another shooting rampage today, this time at the airport in Ft. Lauderdale. Rochester resident Dan Edwards was on a plane at the airport when he checked in with Terry Clifford to share details about what's happening in the airport in the aftermath of the shootings.
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Beauty and the Beast trailer

Video of Beauty and the Beast US Official Trailer Look for the live action remake of Beauty and the Beast to hit theaters in March!
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VIDEO: Graduates Told Not To Recite Lord's Prayer, How They Responded

For the past 70 years East Liverpool High School in Ohio has had their choir sing the Lord's Prayer at graduation. This year they were told not to. The Freedom From Religion Foundation filed a complaint with the school, and rather than go into an expensive legal battle the school just cut it from...
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Turns Out Helen Hunt Is Not Jodie Foster

When actress Helen Hunt placed her drink order at a Starbucks on Monday this is what happened... — Helen Hunt (@HelenHunt) May 23, 2016 Welcome to our world Helen! I can't prove it but I'm 87% sure that Starbucks employees are playing a game to see how many people they can get to steal other people...
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Kris Jenner Will Be No More

Kris Jenner says she's going to change her last name back to Kardashian. The announcement came in a deleted scene from Keeping Up With The Kardashians. Kris talked about referring to herself as Kris Kardashian when making restaurant reservations: "Your name isn't Kris Kardashian," Khloe responds. "...
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