Let's Garage Sale 2020!

Weekly Garage Sales Updates


Terry sure does love a Garage Sale or Estate Sale, don't you?  Terry is now giving you the opportunity to see where all the amazing Garage Sales are happening around Rochester! 

Do you have an upcoming Garage Sale or Estate Sale?  To have your listing posted for the upcoming weekend, your submission must be received no later than 12:00 PM on Thursdays.  See below for how to enter your garage sale. 

Brought to you by Flower City Habitat for Humanity ReStore 

Do you have furniture, appliances, kitchen cabinets, flooring or doors left-over?  ReStore is always looking for your donations. By donating, you're helping to build homeownership, communities and hope in Rochester. 

  • Email Flower City Habitat for Humanity ReStore at ReStoredonations@rochesterhabitat.org to schedule a free pick-up of your donation.  (Visit RocReStore.org for a list of accepted items)
  • Drop-off donations are also welcome.  Please look for updated drop-off procedures on the ReStore Facebook page.  Visit the ReStore Facebook page @ROCHabitatReStore for great specials and more information.

Enter your garage sale information below!  All entries received will be sorted and uploaded by our staff on Thursday afternoons.

Click HERE to see the list of upcoming garage sales!


WBEE is commited to keeping NY safe, keeping the curve bent and cases LOW! Please follow the state guidelines below for all garage sales.

The state guidelines are as follows:

(1) occupancy of the space used for the sale is limited to the number of people who can be safely and appropriate spaced such that each person is at least six feet away from others and, in no case, should the space be occupied by more than 10 people at any given time, in accordance with Executive Order 202.33, as extended.

(2) appropriate face coverings must be used by people in areas or situations where they are likely to come within six feet of another individual, in accordance with Executive Order 202.17, as extended.

(3) adequate hand hygiene supplies (e.g. hand sanitizer) and regular cleaning/disinfection protocols are in place. Sellers may consult the New York Forward safety plan template for additional precautions that they should consider implementing during such sales.