13 WHAM Meteorologist Marty Snyder's Fitness Story

Thursday, April 20th

He's a mild-mannered meteorologist on 13WHAM, but Marty Snyder is an animal in the gym! In this episode of Bee Fit, Marty shares his workout philosophy , meticulous nutrition plan and how his wife motivates him to hit the gym hard.    


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So we're welcoming Marty Snider from thirteen Lam. Yeah thanks a lot could be here today who knew you were Jack. Know your your suits all the time it's a work in progress and path. You've been working at this a long time us total nine. Really into it it started off my wife told me it was over one winners he said. And he probably could stand to lose it and on pounds or so give or take you know that was that little flag that flew in from. What's really 120 yeah well enough clues that I have. I'll bet I've never really been all that overweight yeah just the other a little bit of a pudge down Endesa SA they're probably right you know get into the gym circuit on the treadmills let's start off there and then. Kind of progressed on from that. Were you who into athletics in high school. And out of college football or any other at all no no I was at the exact opposite end of the Specter seemed I used to cut Jim. And go down to the ban government practice. So I you know when I graduated from high school I was being able. And then I put weight on later in life and then lost it and yeah I'm amazed at how many people I polio forty to forty to see you started late thirties yeah yes I mean even my it's pretty much my story to yes and it is cool I think a lot of people they don't realize. How much she can still do that guy you know I'm almost over the dial it's not gonna happen. I think anything you put your mind to. It's only happened so for you I mean I didn't know you were this fit until one day a guy named Lou free no locked in the studio. Yet those pretty cold all the freedom he was in in town for a he was assigning who's doing half an appearance at one of these events and he came in and my wife said if you don't get a picture of him. Analogy you back at my house at that's the only time I've seen you not with a suit coat and tie on oh yeah yeah and not do you have Euronext they have. Never really dead yeah that was a cool experience he's really down to earth guy need guided me you know after seen on TV Brian you know forever cast as a kid he's got to be sixty something. I think so yes but he in his sixties remember watching the Hulk and as a kid. If you have a guy he still fit it's it's amazing what he's you know still doing that I think it's inspiration you know the and keep on doing no matter what your age yet and universe so what's your routine or you McCarty a guy are you weights guy a little bit of both. Pretty much all weights I really don't do car Leo and I I think what it is and I he wanted to say hey don't let the thing is I got home audio element. With the weights. I got so you know you really go hard for me I think it kicks up my metabolism little bit Alan Keyes we go throughout the day really get a good sweat going. And just keeps moving after that on so for me I just try to do. You don't change up a lot to you I think that really helps on as well do I drop sets all start off with a higher weight. Try to pop out as many reps psyche and then pull back a little bit you know do another lower weight you've studied. Yeah I mean you haven't just walked in thrown waits around now now as pretty as separate case it's a work in progress you know you learn something every day it's like forecasting the weather and learning every day. Trying to forget where well I'm sure people ever give you crap when you're in the gym ought all the time. It in the worst thing is I I should put this way it's always nice to meet people or some of these guys come up all its forecast with forecasts and sometimes go on a break. My lunch break from work so that's classic don't wanna talk about it on their headphones on in their asking about the fork so you so what's your retain you go to work and then work out. Depends let's go back to work yes I have to do a noon show like it did today did you all get the morning joy out of the way. I tell all the loose ends before lock out of the office hit the gym. Get in there really quick come back out get back to work that's been one dated. I gotta get it in without you know you my heart right being able to get home for the kids in time when the they get to off the bus. Otherwise. I don't work a longer day. I'll get into the gym a little bit earlier. On the orbit my shift is and is long so I get in there. You know and by early like what time you roll into work I get in there is between 245 and three. A yeah. Exactly yes yes so there's no getting up to go before no definitely not well. Hardly get up and time to get to re gonna say those hours that's tough yet so did you write for got. Oh she does she goes hard and I am. Her idea yeah it's amazing I'll I'll to show you picture ever think she's Jack he's genome project and I about it let's talk about nutrition yes you mentioned wife and kids. You eat for yourself for you guys all eat together so I make my own meals I have such a weird schedule yeah never home for dinner. I ate breakfast by myself lunches here work so I just cook all my own food. But how does that work out for you what do I do is I pretty much you know my own throughout today you know I get home. In my wife saves all the labels for me so she got it tracking an actress initially not the kind of drives her nuts because I have to analyze everything I eat. You he's the apps. Yes which one on mine is my macros plus that I haven't even heard of that one yet I don't think a lot of people use I've enjoyed it I've you know had a lot of success with it. But you know that. Lay out nutrition plan for you or you just tracking what you do know which is pretty much tracks what I do so I put in my targets for the protein fat carb high arches. And trying to hit all the schools throughout the days of food scale work and one at my desk and you are hard I count one at home. And you know a lot of stuff I'd be easy because. What it all ahead like Sunday night for me I eye heals for a I make. Eight meals ten meals Sunday night cigar in the freezer I have a lot of respect for you it's you I don't enjoy what we need to do it together nearly half that you're not hurry picketed and what you do it day by day day by day EI I take whatever gender for generator you know I I try to throw something together I just doing in my mind trying to figure out while these numbers can work out. And and it's all down to the serving size that I finally take opened on scale way it. Entered in my apt. And go from there. It's amazing to me how some people I need to track everything yet is if I don't I'll be way over are way under. The last guy that I spoke to Dylan Scott who's a country artists yet. Doesn't pay attention to has died. Well he's asked you know sometimes the world to Wendy's we don't have much time likes yeah there's no way it but I do. And stuff I'll stop that you know Wendy's McDonald's but I track so I know exactly what I'm doing is. I can think and it's like going on vacation yet receive up a little money seat go on vacation he's already doing it don't do it every week you view it you know every every once in awhile. But that's all play and I'll have a big Mac ever once in awhile I'll still get dead and it fits my numbers out else's back off a little bit out of there today all of our. I do so many calories per day that you know I can speak it in really not all crazy that typical how about it work our people at work. When they see you with your scale but people here think I'm crazy all we are all I don't even bring it up to work I just keep it on the side you know I just didn't get an idea. So I don't make a big deal of it they know that I'm always eating. I always have something to the desk there now with the answer is always something back behind that desk that I meeting have a you know a couple of animal crackers Elise and getting some. Yes and cards in ever once in awhile ago my coffee back there talking about kids to the kids see what you're doing and wanna be part of that whole birthday on my youngest is nine my there's this is thirteen okay so. Watch what I'm doing you know they are and in analyzing. Everything I do and he's ready to do yet right right Islamic Ater ED really super healthy and working not I'm guessing that there are following in your foot. Steps yeah yeah I outings is pretty similar it's pretty similar in on with kids it's it's tough to get them eat. Anybody any day yeah you know how are easier targets that I ate grass yeah so it's it's tough to get involved that have done it's it's it's fun trying to. Get these numbers work out. You all very up my numbers like this time of year in the spring and try to cut a little bit yeah nothing severe but just pulling back my calorie count just a little bit just like him. A little bit better for his death and I would consider you in a bodybuilding world at this point I mean it when you're talking about dropped sets and you know. Turn it down and all that stuff did you ever done a show. I haven't there are not a lot of I thought about it you know schism over 48 he candy yeah that that means older I did that it can't. Hardly got my hands I hate it so I don't know why I don't think it be could be that serious. You know I'm I'm pretty I travel you're really close your it is now. But yet it takes a lot you know cars cutting it to get closer to the show and all that night. I'd have to do a lot of planning and be ready for you know I'd say hey this is a year and a Buick and do you did you teach yourself all this did you learn on your owner did you have trainers and their work with a nutritionist or I had one guy got a new study started. And I just took that information and then in ran with it and my wife she tractor macros for a while. Just tracked him all that closely now in her her motto is she gets into the Jimmy goes in the gym so she can eat whatever she wants. So she doesn't track I just I can't eat everything yes I wish I wish someday. So but my wife and I we go back and forth you know we'll talk about the numbers I'll say hey Andy to reset my numbers you know I think they need to I'm not really losing. Is much weight as I want to win the numbers I I have. And you know I'm not try to drop anything really fast is this ever slow gradual I wanna capitalize muscles and trying to lose that in the process. Obvious she'll help me out the numbers legal back and forth in in in figure things out pretty well advice for people who were starting out. I'd say just get into our regiment. And stick to it you know sometimes you have to have some and analyze your numbers just seeking have a target to shoot four and a realize what you're may dabble metabolism is. And then tweak in numbers beyond that once you figure out what year. Key ranges. On paddy as far as getting into the gym just make a habit out and I think for a lot of people start off. Dock and into it and then the aren't seeing any results but I pulled back on New Year's. Eve resolution each and then you see tons of people the gym for. 34 weeks right and then it ends outraged and that is very true. And it you know I think one of the keys to that is you know if you you can learn a lot online I am not explained like this is someone elsewhere. It's kinda like when we have a kid everyone's coming up teasing oh he should do this you know they are they get on this sleep adolescents and a can listen to everything the comes the end. But then sorted out in Iran and see what works best for you there's going to be a lot of bad information out there I usually can you can sort that out in in through that off to decide in. Boil it down the stuff there really is gonna work for you I think it's got a similar to that there are a lot of different theories out there in the fitness world for nutrition and you know as far as your work out. I think if you go online do your research in Tennessee what does work the people have the results right and keep an eye and what they're doing in I think. As with anything in life you know just saving for retirement or whatever and turn on someone who's who's got a good goal and he's got and knowledge right and just follow that path. Do you feel any pressure being in a guy that's on TV to be fit. I did little or consult the covenant like hey you know like you're right maybe I wanna lose five or twenty yes you know it it never city. At that point I don't you have to worry about it but US UN general like reporters or is there pressure to be fit and in shape. Probably as you know with being on camera all the time I think you know and especially for me standing at the curly Q law yes I can behind the desk I'm not sitting right you know fight and lecture weighed on me people don't set pretty fast so I think that is a little bit about it George Eddie that's. The eclipsed. By eEye I think there's a little is a slim pressure their ideas but you know for me has. Become an issue quite yet to see if we keep it that way for the rest of my career. It did you have to sacrifice anything to find the time. Tipped his friend doing all that's. Not really I think what it's on for me is caused needed have better time management skills yeah I can still learn a lot in that category you every day at the gym. I tried 85 days a week provided you know sometimes like yesterday I had to go to radio on an assembly that my daughter is getting an award as well I was gonna miss that. So I went to that you know that's important but you know it is I think as long as I stay on that track and make sure I get in there. Usually about five days a week sometimes a get a Saturday workout and but I live. On the middle of nowhere suits takes a long to get to virginity to. Forty minutes from my kids on the way to work. So in all it all works so when I show there on Saturday everything but he did we get right. Thank you so much for making the time to come out jam gave it my pleasure bill I really enjoy.