3 stories about number 2 in 1 podcast

Monday, May 22nd

3 stories about number 2 in 1 podcast. Don't act like you're not impressed. 

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All have military Clifford Kelley he had. What a weekend in my house oh boy I actually started a week ago yesterday. When one turbulent plugged the hole on many here have just 22 okay. And all and it the one bit. It doesn't include the shower it's so I mean you know the powder room. Yeah so it. Guinea so keep the door opened wider taken a shower because we're bound to watch. Whom I that can't watch it there's a girl in my house that climb in the bathroom stay the heck I don't there's liberal arts two bit. They forget that several rolls of our mother nature can wait till I've got oh I let me tell her that she has the earth you know whatever back. Anyway we had the plumber over for the third time Miller and how I know. It all in this is all I can see. I don't know if you've ever heard this but there's some sort of a plumbing issue that involves. Hyping it goes from your house two mystery guests which apparently your town is not responsible fans the general you have that you thank god look at kept me awake. In I'm not kidding. All Monday night so much I still have that. My sore neck because I think the street to your house is all you it is. 5 g.s it happened in my neighbor and all I kept thinking is ongoing and that proves an August. I. Anyway it wasn't that thank god and you are ideal first world issues that's exactly what to sustain you know this has been 33 years common people. Anyway it's OK it's all OK I can afford and if you got a fixed. I got to fix it by the way be first crept out got it takes to instill in my top and watched. You know it'd have to resort to the bag of shame. Back ups or hurt them back to shape up. There are other for a musician friends when you're out on a tour bus there's generally the rule and a lot of people motor counselor and Kyrgyzstan has. Don't number twos in the bathroom. Got a wide at its emergency goal I had but if you get a board member true. 'cause I don't clog things up OK so if you just can't wait you have to number two. It's called baggage and you take your grocery bag to put it over the Congo. During a business but and you have to oppose that bag out oh my god and walk it to the garbage can outside. Hence. The bag of saying it is everybody knows what's in the bag it's. And so yeah. Yeah sting op art don't you didn't have to resort to the bag or shame your oh my god really that reminds me hundreds of little. Yeah a little there's no news is back at dad's ability or four years ago right we had Blake Shelton there and he got hit bad NASCAR re yes wit the Q Eminem car and this is we're going back to mullet Shelton. Yet again this is Molly cowboy hat day. Schaeuble. Long time ago whenever I have done yes apparently. He was married at attempted to is persuade cat. And she of course was out working. And its merchant at the US is expected that and he's their watch in this NASCAR race I sit downward shift away and I think that. Lowell MM cars the cutest thing in all he was not happy. It's a ferret business anyway then blocks such and for not Broward just yes. It wow. It helps prop. Really needed to use the facilities for you to notice when he rocket and not know and and he really needed to use them in the complete corner and and he is hopping right out in his thing is getting red net. He lets me get my I'm sorry. I can't. Do I thought it was abandoned by the public comments about NASCAR. Use the facility. In Blake's wife and yeah I had even adults he's very tired yet out of there either have it with the. He's had Brad do drugs through bullies and I don't know I should look to see you walked out with a bad. Doesn't sound like he had the bag to the bag the walk of shame to think he did yeah.