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Tuesday, September 11th

WBEE News Tuesday 5:30am

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Page 61 degrees at 530. We will see some sun today but they could be shower to inspect its whose forecast from. Thirteen win ABC's good morning and Steve Howe since this would stranding here at WBE police still have more questions than answers. After yesterday's discovery of a burned out car and Hanlon. Inside it they found about 11 o'clock this morning yeah they found it in a parking lot near some buildings in Hamlin. The vehicle had burned considerably through. Reporter was cold it was distinguished by the time they got there and they discovered. The bodies of two deceased persons would better vehicle. These two men have IVs are who they wore chief deputy Michael Fowler says that process could take days. Police have charged the driver of the car that careened into Iran equate being cited and I would DW YEC 36 year old Owen hedges. Was driving drunk and speeding when he hit the barrier at the bridge on lake avenue plunged into the water. He and his passenger made it out safely the car was finally finished out over the weekend. Practice to police department says one of its out of control horses has died. Think the horse named ralphie died last week after what they referred to was a catastrophic medical emergency. Raft he joined the amount of patrolling 2011 was eighteen years old when he passed away. But Cuomo campaigning here Rochus CES today not once did he mention his opponent Cynthia Nixon though focusing instead instead on the trump administration's. They don't believe what we believe they don't believe in who we are. And they are trying. To attack us democratic primaries on Thursday. Latest poll show the governor has expanded his lead over Nixon to 41 points. Millions of Americans preparing for could be one of the most catastrophic hurricanes to hit the eastern Siebert has seaboard in decades hurricane Florence is now a category four storm according to forecasters. Could do produce they prolonged period of very heavy rainfall. Crossed portions of the mid Atlantic region. And that's another one of the main concerns. Not only to win but also does think restore search and potential for for flooding. And they think the storm could be category five before closes in on north or South Carolina on Thursday. President trump marks the seventeen years since the worst ever terror attack in the US by visiting the Pennsylvania field where hijackers crashed. One of the jetliners during the September 11 attacks. How dedicated new memorial. In Shanksville PA. As much as we've heard about the talk about the new book you might be surprised that the tell all book about the trumpet administration is just coming out today. Yesterday Press Secretary Sara Sanders slammed it is quote careless and reckless the president calling it a joke. That you give to judge for yourself today when fear trump in the White House heats bookstores. Sports of the B money and I football winners there rams in the jets. So that means all other AFC teams when they're openers and certainly accept the bills they take the day off to new food eating prepping. This Sunday's home opener with the chargers no word yet and who's gonna start at quarterback yankees won last item Brad Kozlowski outraged Denny Hamlin. In the final laps to catch of the legally be here are a brickyard 400 at Indianapolis yesterday. Are the forecast and Scott have goes up in one minute here at the B. Looking to sell your car out of that lives USA is to buy your vehicle on the spot today bring you the newest and simplest way to sell your car truck or STV like any other more convenient locations to get top dollar for your vehicle thinking and a deadline Spencer port Webster look we'll buy any year make or model if it has meals like it a brief fast fifteen minute appraisal will give you love real. Offer not an estimate get a check on the spot are simple process makes it that's an easy plus our offer is good for five days or 500 miles it's that simple we love to buy your heart even if you don't buy from a looking to upgrade I don't know outlets USA we have over 500 premium vehicles. It outlet prices which are exclusive bottom line praising Guerin is priced right up front we know that's all well and deliver your vehicle for pretty within 100 miles. By its simple so it's simple I don't know outlets USF I visit the location near you think candidate when Spencer board Webster it will cut yourself online 24 sevenths and I. Well lets you as they got up and. Dealer for complete details. But remained mostly cloudy today some drizzle at times but. Not the record rain we had played yesterday. For the date will be right 170 tonight cool enough to near sixty. Libya mostly cloudy skies lingering. Wednesday clouds break sometimes. Upper seventies tomorrow. From the third game wham whether a sort Todd I'm Scott let's go on 925. WBE 8 start up this morning with 61 degrees and high falls 535 Europe to date to be warning copy club.