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Wednesday, September 12th

WBEE News Wednesday 5:30am

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62 degrees it is 530 we're going to see this done listen crowds today Temps near eighty. That's what hits who has his forecasts from. Thirteen blaming ABC morning and Steve house and here's what straining at WEE a resounding no last night from the green school board. To an idea to provide tax breaks to the owners of the mall at Greece reads senator. What right was asking for nearly 700000. Dollars to make the mall more attractive. The board's decision was unanimous aboard in the text prayers and just how should be failing business hours is the bottom line and he's the school board president John McCain who said. He had not heard from one single parent who was in favor of the hand. We have the name of one of the two people found burned to death in that car and Hamlin earlier this week when police don't know yeah that is why. Twenty year old Alexander Elin seems to borrow was in that car. And they also don't know who the other person was. Mercury shares department is reaching out to you to call 911. You can help in anyway. No idea on the motorcycles through the crash yesterday afternoon. He died when he hit a car that intern in front of him at an intersection on buffalo road and rider driver has been ticketed. Embattled judge Letitia Astacio has now been indicted on gun charges. A grand jury yesterday hitting her with a attempting to purchase that weapon while on probation. That's a felony remember she tried to buy the gun other rifle the sporting goods store Bakken. April if found guilty on this she could be stripped of her license to practice law. Two powerful light beams lighting up the lower Manhattan skyline that's right part of the commemoration for those who lost their lives in 9/11. That likes to check next to the echo the shape of the Twin Towers will fade away had done. What is the latest timetable and hurricane Florence. Expect. Tropical storm force winds to begin moving onshore possibly Thursday morning. And then your hurricane conditions will be sometime late Thursday night. Thursday or Thursday night. Who's with a National Weather Service more than five million people are in the path of the storm now with 140. Mile an hour winds. Of course united Qatar as the stars of legalese Healy racetrack John party is our host in or comes to his music he's not afraid to admit. I'm the old song writers in. I'll let you know in a best suited to be part of some because I'm not gonna try to copy exactly what they're doing much and make mine. And that's part of the most best part about recording that's something. So he has co written a bunch of his kids he Rodney Atkins Mehdi intake. Let go of goo cracker newcomer Jimmy Allen I'll take the stage around 7 o'clock today there are a handful of tickets left. By value two hands on them by logging on to WB EE dot com. I'd support to the B coach Sharma ducked down McDermott could announce his choice who quarterback percent of these bills homo would it today the he returns to practice today and we have our first baseball playoff team Boston clinched a spot last night with a win over Toronto. Yankees lost Whoopi still lead in the wild card chase by two games. We'll have his goes forecast for coming up next here at the B. Don't lose family history CR photo restoration and printing experts for free consultation. We can scan your old prints and slides to a dvd CD or USB flash drive transfer home movies to. Where Scott's photo by row ask yourself this it's a good day do you listen to treat stand for hours rather than in front of the TV or if you rather share a trail cam picture with your buddies and put it up on social media WBE. Has something for you Sundays at 7 AM join me for taking it out doors will be tock and everything outdoors and hunting and fishing to camping in more taken an outdoors Sundays at seven day yield on WB heat brought to Levi Johnston RV country Victor Chevrolet bill grazer restaurants and clarity is Maceda. You Irina with the TV you can post a job in minutes senate screener questions and zero in on your short list of qualified candidates using an online dashboard gets started today at and T dot com slash podcasts that's indeed. Slash podcast. Partly to mostly cloudy today nice day a little more humid. 78 degrees isolated shower this morning possible. Thursday sought more humid. Near eighty blinded them Friday partly sunny better chance of afternoon storms in the B with a eighties. It fat babies summer from the thirteen wham whether a sort tie I'm Scott let's go to your ignited U five WBZ. And Scott promises no rain tonight for the show he says it will be cloudy for guitars is starts today damning Kennedy. Here and I falls we have 62 degrees it's 535 in Europe to date with the B morning coffee club.