The Bachelorette's Luke Pell

Friday, March 3rd

Luke Pell got a lot of attention recently on ABC's "The Bachelorette." He's keeping busy these days touring as he works his first country single to radio stations across the nation. Billy Kidd chats with Luke about his fitness routine and how he sticks to a sound nurtrition plan with such a busy schedule.  

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Arturo mr. Graham feed full of all trying to work out pictures you are jacked your in great shape. M and is this something that that has started recently for you or were you an athlete in high school or how did you end up where you are right now. Yes I mean. As the article the point the army and you know accept sparkle and it meant that those four years. NCAA division one strength and conditioning program here. I'm and then after that in that period and you don't have their own street conditioning program. Four active duty military. And it just always. Ally. You know Ali Nick Price it. You know like it has always be content as stable peace that what I use it on a daily basis so. I quality especially. That whoever. Got that that barbecue. Art is very a big difference between training to play first sport verses training in the military. There is there is quite different you know. Your. Speed and agility training. Primarily and whereas you know there's I earn and well. You know kind of long term strength and that type of thing and so. They they Beijing July. But you know I like the fact that there you know kind of helped to the area up in comparable spectrum that are not as. One over the others tried to cross. You know and that the idea in a lot of different that. Schedule program over the last several years and edited on Harper's you know network the end. It attack that every. Are you doing your own thing are you working with the trainer. You know right now I don't staying I knew their the current crop title boxing at a little. You know boxing. With the membership there. And that for that matter trainers there. You know it just as adept at it at an average day. You know you mention my launch an audition try to keep my. Keep sharp on on multiple fronts them. About nutrition I look at it your schedule your tour a lot. Yeah it should be at home every now and then with you know what folks down in Texas and how do you eat while you're on the road and still be healthy and trimmed. Yes I mean that is probably the most difficult part. You know. Being in shape. That 80% of that is diet are that your guy Santelli. They get more you get more production out your work out that two victory helped the and it just equal into that settle on a boat. You know keeps you big calorie there are in the UQ when I'm on the right out of these conditions so that. Very cool on the other hand you know working. Random hours late night early morning. On about you know you guys see you know how much alcohol lawyers you know under an acre Arctic. And it. I can hamburger in a gold news though Tom I tried it does make a man or I go about it that. That the rules are often the boundaries early aren't an idea out there that day. Very strictly on that right now but this bill there's a Algiers. During the road opposite. With the band or whatever that you're only got to read you know maybe at a quick and much about it. It's always awesome. Yeah yeah. Rats when you're on the road are are you see that you don't get as much sleep as you would at home does that affect you. Are on it Dodd you know I would use that you're very hotly at odds advocate the described it in your schedule but. It doesn't I mean out on the road it art cute. Yeah I can sit and sleep pattern yet you know and Eric has been in our team lead is it people's space in any yen is the ideal. I don't have it up at our our did eight hours of sleep. I wish activate a person's sleep it. That are what the possible today out as they like. But our road into that thing where Italy back in this property days that the out and it on the road. It's just it's crazy but armed. Mr. make it consistent as possible whenever McCain you know arm. Keep fighting everyday at tiger and reap the though. You have a typical week. How many days Jim. And I'm mad at him and Albert are days that we on their on you know sometimes about that Jim keynote. On the weekend when under the league it depends on what's going on. But I always got it. The hardest part is is eating there you know com by. It's just bought and just really show up at the AM that Obama put the work yet but it's got BO. Make myself slot time yet there there's an output port.