Bee Fit with Brett Young

Wednesday, January 17th

I caught up with Brett Young over the Summer at Darien Lake and chatting with him about his fitness regime with a busy schedule on the road, his diet and how his dream of playing baseball layed the foundation for how fit he is today. 

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So we're backstage at bright young. Welcome back to Rochester is thank you appreciate it to be here your backyard. Talking about fitness. You've been fit most of your life. Yeah I mean I've spent the majority of my life playing sports so it's not really an option or even a choice it's it's. It's it's some that the requirements. It's I've been fortunate to have had good habits that for media image. Now baseball is aware of those sports that I think you're out there doing sprints in. Weight training and outlets over that part of life growing up for you yes surprisingly baseball as one of the most. Like you know rigorous. Fitness regiment have ever been on as a pitcher. The amount of running that you do on a regular basis. To get the lactic acid out of your arm after anytime you throw it is it is insane but also. Very very. Like highways intense low body workout for pitchers. So yeah the weight room was it was six days that we can we're out on the track running. You know first thing in the morning before class every day. So yeah I mean that's right more hardcore than I thought it would be yet you know that the funny thing is but a lot of baseball players for power. Will carry a lot of weight in their midsection. And so when you look at I think it looked a little bit like a likable Wimbledon but in that. Reality is they're hearing a lot of upper body weight in a lot of strengthen their legs. And so you know with flexibility. And and and good technique that that extra weight to their hearing actually just turns and a power. So what happened right here at an injury that sort of ended your base walker I did I did I I had what's called Tommy John surgery oh my helmet throwing elbow which is basically reconstructive elbow surgery. They take the moment collateral ligament out to replace it with a the Palmer's longest tendon from your form. And it's generally very successful and most people come back even stronger after the surgery but the timing of it caused me to miss my senior year and so that was that for me. You know it got players bigger than mine. And then just right here right now absolutely words are good. So what do you do bits they've been on the road because you don't have a gym with you all the time and you're not home all the time so. What's your routine it's difficult. You know what. Today there was nothing close fly. And I literally since for an interference went out and ran laps and called the outfield but basically alone and nobody here thought just to kind of like back and forth up and down just bit more like a time Mario but. Alien films drummer protester row has. A gym in the back so that's really cool Jim somebody's doing squads out chemical that out if what if they're if we can't get somewhere and aisles of membership to two different. Fitness chains. And so it's rare that we're this is one of the cities that it was the longest here kind of in the boot instead analysts normally no more than fifteen minutes to a gym. That I am a member to console block you know get up in time to do about you get a couple hours of him. It's just it's it's not just about being fit it's also black rate for me mentally were on the road doing pretty much the same thing. Very cook cookie cutters schedules every day and so it's nice to like it away from the menu and it worked out kind of you know shake off some of them some of the day today. How managers it. And intrusions. It can be difficult we're lucky on this tour there's a really great catering company called Vegas that does a good job of making sure we have a lot of options. The user machine there's always there's always protein shakes out of like always and then there's there's always it a salad bar. And like deli meats so if though the main option isn't. Up to par with what whatever you're trying to eat in terms of being held at a lot of food on the bus just here the buses gently maxim hot dogs. Which by the way I'm a bears played way more off the you know it's. The other is that a lot of the stuff or gas stations and things like values you make due with what you got. How about the guys around you your band are they disoriented. Everybody's a little bit different you know that that probably fittest guy in the in the band is has been worse. That anybody you've ever seen is I mean it's just Andean cakes and hot dog some. Case that he is gonna rattle but you know we might my drummers by drummer is 100% be him and so. He has a very clean guy and very strict about it. That is so hard to the rest of us all have really good intentions and are probably about 60% successful that's what we're trying to do this. But but everybody's pretty good about you know at least giving themselves 3040 minutes a day. Moves waves around or get some party or its. Even if you only got twenty minutes making sure you get twenty minutes pushups and sit up on the bus. Everybody tries it pretty active Richard typical week you're on the road how many days forward. Yeah Lady Antebellum is outs. Three of the world week and there were generally adding water to a mile and every week so I'll see home all that much about about 36 hours a week or spent at home. One sometimes two nights in your it's got to be pretty dedicated. I mean you got it you have you in the you go underneath the bus boy your suitcase out change clothes. Go do that come back when your suitcase out get a shower I mean it's. It's that was used via our getting work. Figgins on the ordeal. You gotta do it though yes just aren't part of the job to its data. Right on thank you for that it's our pleasure thank you.