Bee Fit with Cale Dodds

Wednesday, February 28th

Cale Dodds is out on the road visiting radio stations across the nation as he promotes his first single "Take you back." We chat about his road to becoming a musician in a family that wasn't at all musical, growing up as a hockey player in the deep South and how he had to choose between sports or music. 

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Welcome to another defense podcast I have a new Emporia kelp stops welcome to the podcast. Thank you for them I I see you. That by the time this actually gets edited enough you'll probably have your first number one hit so I'm very slow get these on the Internet audited by Tom you said something interesting when you came man. That you don't wanna be known as a meat had artists and with a cut off sleeves in all that stuff you're in great shape thank you. And and let's go back a little ways and find out how did you get to be in great shape first shop where you always in good shape. You know it's it's one of the things were music early on for me. Was always the path so my grip my dad growing up always coached little league for me and my brother and medallist Natalie so. He he was a musical at all so has always had this question where's his passion for guitar and songwriting coming from GAAP and by the age of like. 1415. When especially down south Georgia you have to choose this route of I'm going writer I'm going left and left was playing football and baseball like every other. You know as athlete they grew up playing you know Little League Baseball and football. And and right mint whatever the other was whether it was you know being a musician which it was a very common in my area. Or be whatever the other path was bit. I loved I loved being an athlete and being. You know. The team aspect of everything which is violent being in a ban did you play any sports I did believe in our sport growing up was hockey in Georgia which is crazy I did play baseball bat great ball exercise even yeah sacked it's awesome nexus rank. And and hockey and I know as you get older. You it's gets more physical and so my days of like 1516. When I was playing up and I was one of the young as I was playing a net eighteen to 21 division. You get more physical getting checked into the boards may be. Bracken are fracturing a finger is not a big deal of hockey just happy just happens and you can go on and people play like that most don't know that but what you can't do is also playing guitar with a fractured pinkie finger right on I mean. Or may with a split and middle finger and that that was priority to me. So fair Leon I knew I I have to take a path here I'm gonna continue playing guitar for sheer. What am I gonna do about hunt. Not being lazy and continue to be active as a lesson in my dad come amid this Pactiv I have looked. I've rests at we said doesn't that I don't wanna pursue sports Allen pursue music. And he didn't really care as much as he was to scare me being passionate about something out so we kind of made this Pactiv like all right look. If I can't coached sports and norm. Let's do something together so we started running together that the what's in the garage and other drills that my and my time with my dad in on a mean. And now as I appreciate that it's allowed me it's. You know it it was it was a moment for us that we can still do two today sir out. And and I also had a buddy whose I am from Fort Benning Georgia Columbus large military based on and my buddy that and high school always wanted to be in the army and when we graduated high school he went into the army and then he was in the Rangers and special forces and he is is actually overseas right now. And is just a great duties and still so many just kind of disciplines and and you know watched him. You know for years to do PT you know I 5 in the morning you know and it was a psyche. Bills like I would if he can do that I can get something Indian day in downtown I'm on the road and you know 100 Terrence for the stage. And in at this though a lot of hotel rooms have kind of crappy agents. And so I never wanted that to be an excuse that oh that have regions and work out so he he also instilled in me a lot of you know. A ways to make. Great work outs without any equipment. Do a lot of body weight stuff there's so much rain bands statistic doesn't suit case absolutely I see a lot of artists travel with stuff Greg I mean the one extremist Carrie Underwood has a whole semis total that is a jam that literally opened the back door and it's a full fledged gym I sound system and everything I keep trying to get on navigate to a bit like that why am I go I. And Mike Fisher I'm retired today I literally while we were involved crazy that I saw it is pretty they get there yes you think you sit around my house like manna Borg. Yeah I they think is about a deal that is all Mighty Ducks came on him to try to Baghdad. Bob they play he's he's back up. So for you hit it sounds like he's sort of picked it up for me dad and it was kind of a fun thing get. To it to stay involved with you know you two together right but what kept you going afterwards. You know just fitness in general is it's it's. As many pushed through walls you know the minutes allowed me to and in other areas of my life you know be more. Disciplined and engineers and it would be because because that aspect of having. Fitness and your life and and having to make sure you do something and be active with something every day has allowed me to. You know go further in areas and some running room you know fund getting frustrated later. You know and adamant to block output stood there I mean. This is its built up a lot of qualities and characteristics mean I don't think it would have if so. Weren't for that. You know on but it's just and needy you know I write in and so focused on music all day every day. That I need an aspect. You know 45 minutes of running here in. Sleeve some weights around the gap you know just just going to be an act it's a different release you know for the brain and I just feel good enough I feel better. On top of that in our lives to be onstage that hosted workers. In a runoff autorad Elvis is great but you have it didn't end well the right if you put enough. What is your finger as a lot of people that I've spoken with whom they have a certain. Routine they have you know some like pushing waste some enjoyed doing cross fed do you have a preference. So I was introduced across bitterly on and I do love that aspect of that that as I still think it's great. I love you know in the same way that songwriting to me there's no monotony and it's always changed up there's no one way to do it. And being on the road with you know not a lot of equipment even sometimes no equipment you have to improvise and you have to make some opened up. So for me it's it's a matter working with what I've got I love I love being you know just having a few things going OK how can mimic the suck yeah get out. And but I right now ominous among them really big cat about cake right now. You know I thought you bring them with you or do you just so I am together whatever town near great gift for Christmas and if I play here and out corporate sponsorship and it's called kettle grip okay and have you heard other hell my phones and other much do we get down and it's. Literally this plastic. Grit if you will they can go over any dumb down. I grips ending comes and thank you forget about it probably weighs three pounds it's in my suitcase at all times but it turns any down though into look at oboe. As news to me as Jane especially for the traveling and gas so yeah I'm just huge into the kettle bell movement right now I'm not that it's a new movement but. I've done terrible stuff for years but. Just doing specific kettle bell work outs is just kind of change in the game for me unless how about nutrition you have a plan you know I've got a lot of friends that are. A hard on the on the Quito diet right now that I'm not. I'm not missed an advisor in this state to toast is by any means but I'm. I just always just try to do cleaned it out onto a time cards and the tonnage sugars that I do have a sweet tooth but. You know especially be on the road he it's hard to at this phase specifically do a meal plan specifically you know. We're kind of at the mercy as some of the venues you show up exactly. All that stuff. Right and you know especially this point you know you move and and it's. You got got sound check this meeting agree there's maybe a radio saying you know it's that you maybe have twenty minutes to eat in your plan and then it's. Bosco in her Bangkok. Yeah but you and then there's always depending on where you are your career are bill. For those artists are that it it it may expect it but I'm. But my my point is you know there's always I've learned this there's always the healthiest option. You know just days ago while when attendant on me I guess we're just gonna have to eat. In pizza pizza that I knew one now like you you know you can go to. Joseph bullying get duped the grilled chicken salad it's it's not the best it's better than the pizza right you know so I think having that mindset of you know there's always the best option may not be the absolute best but there's a best one and just being conscious of disciplined enough to go with those things on the road. Not a pure talent not the only one that's best to do when I do. You have to sometimes most times eight quick. And often it's not grow chicken catering write it's we got to go from. Pointed to point B and you have twenty minutes there's chipotle and you know this moment to utilize the poison. And bring anything with fuel do you bring like protein powders or bars or anything. Vega actually. As is certainly a ton of stuff recently which was and I love their products down. It's and if you're familiar with the again I'm not there today is that powders in debt powders snack bars. Supplements they're great they cement some stuff recently that. That is like kind of packets that I can throw my suitcase in the bag that are like powders. Falcons got to have I mean great if you really get stuck somewhere right or it's going to be ten hours before you're gonna be any place with food get an exact at all. It's a nice option and I usually stay hungry so I can you know it did I'm always gonna send IE eight right now I think and we just aids we literally I still via. And so yes so I keep powers and on the road I keep a ton of protein bars. You know it's is not always great to eat five protein bars today by any means but. The times sometimes you have to give trackers do you do any of that Stephanie apps is now. I haven't done at thing yet but just trying to be conscious you know all the time you know verses doing the counting. And I'm not there yet with a debenture and that I have a lot. See I'm the I'm envious of you that. You don't need to use those soon because if I don't use them. I'm off the rails and it's not it's not like I'm swinging through Burrell off vast majority on the way home. I just. Okay you sit down you go through your day no like I hate this for breakfast this for lunch again and then on oh I didn't I didn't put any of that if you put it in the capital columns like 600 calories over what I should be do you do a certain amount because today I do I do it's usually between 1812200. Depending on what to work out is and yeah you know that's not a lot that's not a lot of at all not a lot but if you need to write stuff right it's a lot of food what's that the use I use my fitness pal okay. It's a free app anybody can get an end in all it sinks out by where fair bit it's links up with that sore your calories and steps are all red accounted together but. My goal is to get to a point where I don't need to do that stuff. On nights when I don't I don't for some reason have that hard wired into me some people know where their limits are some people know. Brenda days dyed their dining. I don't have that like you said be hung I can beat any time even if I just ate a meal like you didn't rise so that's you know that's that's that daily docket merit so hopefully we'll go way some day. I'm just miss we all have an inner fat shall I yes at some point he admitted to not yet but I think like you said viewpoint it's it's recognizing his lifestyle verses and yeah trying to bantered you know. And it's my ball off the wagon. I've gone yet and I mention Kelsey Valerie NASA which here. Which your routine as first rode his she does I eat as good as I can six days out of the week that's great. And then the seventh day if I wanna have some wind with my friends I have some mind if we wanna order pizza and wings we're but the rest of the week. I gotta be dedicated and and follow. The plant. I think one of the biggest things I've learned from medallist. You know eating delivers is living to eat out it's a great thing like that and sounds kind of you know. Cliche and what it is but like if you look at it like that look at it food as fuel right now look at food as something that. You need in your body verses pizza sounds great. You only get somebody always sounds great that it now and I heard my uncle used to say this. He was O. Picture in the news in great shape you know fifty year old guy and he had the mentality of if he works out and eats green. So you can add life to his years and years to his life death you know yeah it to an essay. To live longer which hopefully he does but that's what I was looking at any other city any day. My quality of life since I lost the weight is a thousand times I can only amendment act doesn't hurt I used to have issues my back. I Spanos to noses and a whole bunch of things going on. With the extra weight I get pain in my side if I stood too long yeah I would sit down and I couldn't. Literally could not get out of my car at it you know I go to a concert at Darian lake somewhere I couldn't get out of my car hurts a lot. Lost the weight exercise secure myself. No issues at all and at some room so. You may as it would die canoes just yeah it's as well and I'm gonna knock part of it has slots are gonna get sick now. I've been sick once in the last two years while one time. And that's eating clean. Being Smart about shaken hands washed out cash to obscure words you know but I hate you guys on the road when you meet a zillion people I don't know how you stay healthy I just. And I'm China incorporate the fist bump you know am I talking to notice the guys to be more extensive record be a thing that you know and as it is like you said. You know my my quality of life and health being on the road is tremendously different when I'm being super strict vs just. Trying to do well yeah I mean but I think as the biggest misconception too is like. Have a couple of T days or cheat day like. Don't beat yourself up right now if you fall off get back on in just one day's not to register right yeah. Saturday's echo others they Saturday cast back. If you're correct as series. I enjoy though it's I think if there's anything that I can do to. To help just you know inspire promote. I hope your life down to it it's you know a listeners some money in the show were cemented at a meet. It and it's awareness to visit him I was gonna say I feel like grown up. Nutrition. Was one of the most you know. Left out topics. Not only from my parents but in school. Yeah and that they they have what is the poster in you have to pyramid that period but right. Don't even mean make it I write half the people it's just ignorance is listeners who are aware right then I'm not trying to preach about it by any means but I didn't know once agree surged. Is good stats there's bad stats are nice people that say the cards are horrible in the dabble in that they're not. Right everything in moderation I mean there's there's a lot you can learn just by looking around even on social media yeah there's tons of fitness people that are on social media if you don't want to read stuff on FaceBook or on the Internet. Find some good people I and Nancy Graham and they will they will lead to what we talk about this off the air that. You know you kind of want to inspire people with that stuff but I don't wanna beat them over the head with it which I think that's that's key because if you're always preaching at people. They'll be preached at 24/7. Right so not to edit like system it's an important aspect of I think anybody's life and so why not we are easily won body we went vehicle. Maybe terror you know pour gasoline in your car army and import Coca-Cola in your car right you have a specific thing in the car needs to run the best it can't yeah. That is I think a buys at the same way if five people wanna try once social media out any kind of project. I'm on it's a grand Twitter. FaceBook home on yet. And anger podcast I do that can update as well on a much stuff. It's just that killed CH LB DO DBS. To try to responds much that they can. They both down the rode them in your area when you get a five KM before sound check yourself let's do it.