Bee Fit with Kelsea Ballerini

Thursday, September 28th

In this episode of the Bee Fit podcast Kelsea Ballerini talks about her diet and excercise regime, who inspires her to work out and which fast food trips up her diet.

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So we're gonna talk business thank you always talk music it's nice to talk about them fiance years forget about all that little dog fitness. What do you do what's your secret to stay. I believe in the 88 running with the wind good NN and working out so like. I didn't let them eat whatever I want to point isn't it time raising the meaning of the 8% of the time when working out I work out. I'm days really really well and I don't work out loud today the things I believe today's address and and pennant. Each and every one sometimes none but having that kind of strength. Eighties when it gets so when your behavior and what what kind of guy you. I'm like me veggies. This is Leanne. No car not my purpose surges that I feel better with the with high car legend here. My behind my I don't Russert that makes sense out of Atlanta on it anyway. Time I don't say that sugar is the devils so I'm I'm right there where it did yeah. Yeah and that's not. Doing your burning down at times my did you work for the trainer to probably. Doing out of my name's Aaron and ranging carries trainer and basically I was national and I think it's time to start bringing out bodies and never work out yet. Two years ago never worked out and that I was night. I want hairy legs roll that and I are black popular guy carries girl and I inaccurate girl. She likes to say yes to Nasrallah doesn't seem to go with a whole semis he has a whole semi sent yeah we're not very end up. So what do you do work are you weights or younger were loud when I'm home I work out Aaron went in on the road we have like he's at a station some times and more circuit training and then and I'm puzzling missiles idle hours than I love me enough that we we knew that really want to weekend. So you just show on somewhere down in a classroom random Aybar error recognizing now I don't look like me without having fun and I'm. Well guys like Tim McGraw he did he takes that option you have no idea idea attorneys Edward. That's hey guys rise left within the yeah. Yeah sure when you go off the rails and tortoises eat pizza carved server John it's at its atmosphere and I am it. Leg and I know Donald guessing audio well it's changing into your checking again anywhere yeah apparently isn't going anywhere and isn't don't have much here yet while that I can't let up here because I ain't much. They and that's my downfall is fast he what is NCAA. What is the drawn to that everybody from down south I'm gonna stick to. It's that it's the batter fried aren't there something about it I can't I can't explain it to end its UK and you know on the fitness stuff tune and they like me like we we'd do pretty well most of the time and then every now vehemently. And we can go Obama I guess we'll Andre. Our server yeah mine and I I completely agree with your hate each morning college six days six days of the week I do really good finish seventh and he didn't get I'm yeah totally totally. Well it's working yeah sure you don't live your lives yeah. Period like have your legs. Highways you know got her highlights for. Yeah. Monday night.