Better Business Bureau - Scams

Thursday, March 2nd

Melissa McGovern with the Better Business Bureau of Upstate New York clarified current scams involving Wegmans, Macy's and the tricks they use to get you to simple say "yes" on the phone. 

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Hi there I'm Terry Clifford it's the city welcome thank you for sharing your weekend with us I'd love the fact that we now have a regular relationship. With Melanie McGovern of upstate New York's Better Business Bureau. It's so funny Melanie because I've thought several times over the list I think we touched base about six months ago. And a couple different times I heard different scams IE thanks so differently now. Because of what IE no because of what you. Have taught me. To see is a red flag. On and I. Can't tell you how much I appreciate that so what is new at the Better Business Bureau because I tell you there's like a scam a day on FaceBook. We're seeing a huge increase of calling can you hear me scam. This is where phone call you get a phone call on your phone. It's a local area code I got one yesterday from 716. I got one from 315 last week. On my personal cellphone. And yet they asked you can you hear me they want you to say yes what we think they're doing we we we don't have anything confirmed yet of their. Reporting that yes. As the agreement to a product or service. So then they can billion later. When you try to dispute the church. They can say well you agree to this and then here's the recording abusing yes. We haven't had any instances of an inconvenient. But we've seen this scam before but we've never seen it at such a why aid. In a wide scale I checked the stats. As the end of February if 5000 reports. Nationwide. Onto our scam tracker. And we have almost 400. In upstate New York. 'cause I'd written my notes to ask you about that yeah. I became aware this I think it was about three weeks ago. I even received two calls. On the radio stations hot line in the middle that while it's incredible to me so virtually they hit every phone number I answer. And it adds of course nothing to do with me it's that the bets now why did. Their rowboat and they're dialing every number in a sequence till they get somebody because you know what this is that this is the wild things align our request line is 222 WBE which is. 9233. We have three. I think they're called like over rings movies it's 923492359236. All four of memory at this ring at the same time poll. And I thought. Normally that will happen if somebody. Has passed away or something you'd just happened or do you just. Said something awful are swore that pretty. Like. I say I say. Start answering them in one after another they were trying to get me to say yes the NIC. Absolutely you know what I mean I hung up the first two times the third and the fourth and tried to play with a. Play and that's we always tell people because then not gonna mark you down is not call them back because they'll actually engage with make it the police. On a pig was the ended January. I got a text from a producer in Syracuse team producers have paid my grandparents got is called you and talk about tomorrow morning and Mike it'll be good weekend story. And then. Every single because we have all of upstate New York's every TV market at work with. Hit seven interviews and one day one now because everybody this cult just exploded. And we were working all weekend as a as a Better Business Bureau system. To figure out there's certain areas are targeting. If it's certain geographic areas you know things like that there's. There's no demographic it's not like miles south boomers such annexed. It's any phone ridding their hands on Melanie simply by virtue of the recording of the word yes. You are borrowing. To papers I still don't get this see we don't we don't know if that's what it is that's what were speculating how Thabeet. But at email again and less say have your credit card or your banking information. There's really nothing that could happen and you know if you are something that you. If they send you a product you ordered you can talk to the Federal Trade Commission you can file a report with the Better Business Bureau there's a lot of things you can do to prevent that from being. Charged to you so there's all these things that you can do so you're not necessarily stuck with the same magazine subscriptions and he's there and didn't necessarily order share. Well you know it amazes me. The many ways that people are clever enough to try and get our money when we didn't really mean to spend at. And if they really are that intelligent why don't they just go out and get a darn job like Russia India we talk about. Especially there. That the folks who take calls from the public like I wish these gamers would do good instead of evil yeah. Because these park people Artest are tied because they don't know what's going. And file. Your own thing in this you know and I don't even like she did my grandma used answered the phone yes. Well except hello she's yes that's. Out of it's just incredible because you know we sunny ire scam virtually died back in October exhausted that calls that are out. And then all of a suddenly got another one pops so you know it's it's it's you are saying it's always so important to be vigilant to know the red flags. You know and the thing is they're calling from local area coyotes IC 76 number it was my mother lives in Hamburg New York IC Hamburg New York semantics I think turner share so like text editor sent did you just call me she's she's two different jobs and the numbers now lighting to tie my own jokes and work India and other that's to our conversation. I know I got this all so I decided to global it and I see an everybody's reporting and it's can you hear me scams I didn't even answer the phone just in tech the only person and let's ambassador here that something you can do to if you see in numbered looks familiar. Maybe text the person or call them on the number that is their numbers each call me you know just. Did you miss something users. Doctors appointments to hand in oil changed and that was one that popped into my head the other day. Well there's always appointments that people make that you get calls from local numbers. That they might not so it's always important that if you do in this one of these calls. Calling us to call me you know things like that it's Republican do's and they're not missing their important call. Him. Melanie McGovern I joins us from the better business bureau of upstate New York every single day I promise you I get an email from. Either target. Well allegedly target Wal-Mart. Or one of the phone carriers saying. Thank you so much for either you're purchase your upgrade or answering our survey. Now would you please fill out the rest of that of your information now I know immediately that that some sort of a scam. But the thing that I do I guess I'll never understand how they're able to put the key of the red and white bullseye. That makes you assume that their target or or the flat out Wal-Mart. Logo. Com how is it that people are able to do this or is it that the companies just can't catch that. Well anybody confined to local online. And put it into an email sadly. What we think is happening is that they're copying the stuff to make people think that it's fair America account right or it's a Wal-Mart or target. And then they're not looking at not hovering over an email address to see it's like target offers at Something like that I. Checking. If that there's a link you know you hover over it you looked down and that it think it's the left hand corner to see where it's going. You know those are the things that people can do is it you know every time I go shopping regularly surveys I do them. Once in awhile you know I'll do it to see if I went. But you know some people don't time. And you know they're again with the phone numbers are going through email addresses are just doing. You know. Bob Smith won Bob Smith to you know they're just going through an emailing people. Response so they're big the flag there would be in the lower left hand corner of any email you'll you'll you hover over any link to click tunneling to pitch a mouse over okay and then you can see and it's tougher to do on mobile terror cells in and so many people open emails I'm mobile phones if I do now until. So it's suffered a real Lee you know the just. For the other red flags we talked about this before bad grammar. Yet you know sad spelling. Incomplete sentences broken English. If it just doesn't look like it came from store of its got the look and feel of like cut and pasted home you know just delete it. Or even just like you know come to our web site. Beating beat out mark searcher scam tracker six other people are talking about that you know to any kind of Internet search to see if there's a scam going around with the emails. I think it was Macy's last year or two years ago. They they had it a terrible time with him emails and they issued a statement. Yeah so I remember that end. And the other one is their two of them one win at free Disney cruise or a vacation in Disney and and lately it's been. A motor home. Some some example of really nice looking at fifth Wheeler motor home you know they're giving 200 of these away to the first. You know whatever 200 people in answer this email and I'm thinking to myself there now I'm. Nobody gives away 200 of these things that are worth like. 100000 dollars. It's out by. And you see people even on social media falling for it I'll share share the the picture of Alexis. And then the tells you. Tell us what color you on the comments. And I see people sharing this and I send them private messages. You know offices it's it's it's click bait it's like farming. What they're doing is getting you'll like this page they're changing the page completely. And then selling it to a business. We've got this FaceBook page with 30000 likes for you to start you know. Your social media oh wow so that's what they're doing so they're trying to get people to like the page and then they change the page completely. And then all of a sudden you're sitting there your sponsor is I'm glad I have this and here. Because you forgot you liked it because you tighter gonna win something. So you. And like a page. And the page changed completely but your like remains yet text to that page I don't know that media. It's called like farming. So tell pharma. A bunch of people to a page and then in Apple's sales this is a page from our XYZ and then it turns into something else. But faced Oksana really good job lately on trying to conduct this yeah I haven't seen a lot lately. I don't know if you've seen any. The wegmans coupon. That one miles that's and coupon was obviously worth and that's another was 200 dollar on there's an old Leland two for like hundreds oh. You know it's it's an ace any any brand can be a victim of one of these parents share. OK so he's he's the and I. OK these are the ones that of command for our fall. And combing through social media. Two people even still bother scanning through the US Postal Service. Some time Ames yes people get into something that were working on now people it's something looks like an invoice. But the bottom it says the scissors as this is an advertisement. So whenever you get an economy now a lot of travel tight close tired and it looks like check her looks like airline ticket yet but it's really in advertisements and yet there's things in the mail that you know art deceptively. Advertised but because they put that disclaimer on their that it is solicitation. You know it is legal right. We always tell people you know it's looks like check. Furl and others not seen uncle caches and I must scan of the banks the banks are getting better at you know recognizing these things out yet actually detects that you know. Command for 39450. And at a lot of money and what's dead still exactly what they do. Absolutely Diana and like. I checked that someone would of caught for it we have a couple of scattered reports about this invoice and openly attachments this looks like a bit but on the back in very tiny find differences this is an advertisement for our services. Unbelievable. What is the the web address for the better business here. We have of news. Page that we openly weeping is at ask dot BBB dot York okay and that we'll take you right to the business reviews. It'll take you right to scam tracker. To file a customer review. It's just an all in one page it's really great we launched late last year. Which can always go to BBB dot org as well okay and search for businesses and search for scans and slicker scam triggers this too is now. It where you need ago. Ask dad beanie. EB art I wouldn't soon you can get from one to the other two exactly. On if it's great just to keep write your favorite links. Because the command every single day whether it's on the all in your mailbox war. In your virtual. Mailboxes. Or even shopping online we have a lot of people report to us at the in December. Fraudulent web sites or web sites from China and it colored not China necessarily but from overseas. That look like. You know a designer label I. They're not getting their merchandise they paid first they can't find a phone number there. Com we have a lot of issues and this is as BBB is system we are working Anacin December. Fraudulently professional sports NFL NHL. It's like popping up really and yeah and and Beatty and worked with on it TC can shut down which was great because people words sending money. Not getting any merchandise or they're getting jerseys that are way too small. They had no way to get it back to them because nowhere on the web so it was phone number or an address our contact us page of those things again if you're shopping online. You see this great deal. Just makes you how public contact information you see that. As a cell tag that little green lock in the corner to make sure it's secure web site. It's agree to do because you see you see these great deals and pants and dresses and shoes and purses. I you know there's a chance you might not get that product I could be counterfeit. Ashamed to say that I. I felt I'd fell victim to yet another one. Raped beat relatively before ready after Thanksgiving actually the radio station we have a Christmas party every year this year for some reason. Someone show is three different colors that they were asking that we all sort of war. This combination of silver. Cobalt blue. And I don't know what the other white and wise will you know. It's all Welling good for 99%. Of the people around here but try five plus sized pants in winter white. Or cobalt blue. Believe me it was no parties. So I'm sitting there and I didn't go grueling and cooling. I'm sitting at work one day and the side of my FaceBook feed. Starts. This girl in all these cobalt blue. The beautiful shimmer he. Tops and and one of them and they were in plus prices and they were cheap and I mean. 14156. Total I'll ox now I think I hit the jackpot so I immediately ordered two of them right. And it I don't remember seeing anything about you know Taiwan are Beijing and I. I don't remember I I swear it was just. I'd Ike is apparently used the name the company it was something you would mob Lilly or at least something news. Anyway. The cops didn't arrive until the end of January comic and there was no way I could return them. Because I camp. I can't write in that language oh boy so I don't even know if that was a return address. And skies to acts might hit fit my seventy per. Only did not seek I'm telling you. None of it was what it looked like and that. Is that number one thing that we seen on scam tracker is people saying I ordered a I Jersey in a size extra large and it's about as the size of an extra small. And I can't find an address to send a unit back to at this point so. You know that's the one thing I you know on ice on this I was on interest as this beautiful dress at a wedding in June and at what a great stress. And then I went to look at this website and the oldest is only 28 dollars. And then I went to BB dot org and check out the company and the Internet. And all shipping issues like you know maybe I'll see if I can find that transit and other stars. Serve you know I was on a you know I was really doesn't yeah it. They pretty despite. Again you see there's you know 700 complaints and most of them have to do that product delivery in like. OK so what's going on and I thought to myself. You know I felt for twice because I wanted to choice and shirts that asked where. And party who says why you know what they're invested fourteen bucks and just. Telkom. And how many people just choke on fourteen box I'm willing to bet this company. And it heck of a lot of money. Eight shipping. Regularly in so inferior products from really far out of gas and. And again and again like the reviews you know check the reviews seem that people are saying about I've become a big review purse and you know we've been we've been really working with our credited businesses. To get them to use we just started customer is about a year and a half ago. And argues are verified so if you had a problem with the company or are you had a great experience with company. And you senator review in to be beat in into us. We would you get a phone call okay from wonderful sandy and our review department she would. She accounts hello hello Teri did you have an exterior a good experience with company XYZ. He was say yes I did. We would send a company XYZ let them know it's going to be published. And then there and it's that's Greek and if there's something that you know negative review. The company has chance to respond. Oh it's not like the other reviews sites where people can just eat a lot restaurants or restaurant right send and it's published. You know we actually gives the owner. Of the business time to. Either make it right RC that was never my customer. And if we find out that you want a customer there because. Now so that's why you know when you go to BBB dot org and you're looking at these reviews. You know that their hair so you know that it's not somebody getting paid five dollars or review whatever they do nowadays. You know to write these or abuse or something that you know especially Rochester home shall coming out. We give all of our credit that businesses there stacking these little cards to hand their customers. Just to get it out there like hey you know these are great verified reviews you know we have for our. Company that's great yep yep because this is we were coming into the spring building season. And. Whether you're going to trying contract yourself or hire a contractor. I do the work year. Self with the width certain people taking care of the electrical plumbing. BBB dot org would be priceless us placed start yes. You know Leo is to meet we tell people go to the home show. Meet with everybody you know grab their cards welcome up the BBD dot org if you go to the Rochester home show. Every accredited business we'll have a plaque Hilo who they are a great and you can read their reviews you can read if they have complaints of state to a complaint it's not necessarily a bad thing. Because you wanna see how they resolved sure journal. There's a lot of our its us businesses that have complained that they resolved and the customer is happy so it doesn't really affect a letter grade the reviews on effect letter grade either. That's the slow and steady Eddy resolved it and you know the customer what to happy dance. So when you save your year beginning to look at a builder fort freer house if you go to BBB dot board. You can. Two pretty much all the research you need right there on your list of builders correct. Yes if we don't have report on builder it's because we've not gotten any. Kind of feedback on them imminent in the inquiries okay people haven't filed any complaints of there's a builder that sort of new. We don't have them on our website it's not because we don't you know. We just don't know anything about the so you know if people wanted to ask us about them we can start a file and open a report them will have their own business sub profile on H. So yesterday I was talking on the year about my high efficiency washing machine. It. Now at full disclosure my husband does laundry so. I'm not really big country should not go. Okay where one of him for first time. Here so. Up. I had an imported to buffalo could get at but it started that. A larger. It started a larger conversation. About whether earned it. Old fashioned washing machines are still me. And if they are. How do you compare brands and I and I suggested first of all you want to compare brands. Or if you want information about companies the Better Business Bureau is that is a great place to start whether it's. You know your small sales. Brick and mortar store it you know family owned or the big box store and you've got information on every one correct yes. And in and that then we went into the you know the various models as well again. If you want if you don't wanna take the information right from the manufacturer. You can double check with the better business. Here we have the jas and the manufactured. Has the information about their machines we have the information about the people who silent. Or repair its okay so I don't there's there's a small client's story that you're looking for you can look at them okay and then you know it'll will show you Holland and is Nancy you know if they're credited or nine with a letter grade is if they have complaints reviews as a listener asked me if if she had the actual model number of her machine would you guys have any information I don't know what he you could go not necessarily have product information okay fine you know anything with the retailers we have okay. We were we were discussing how. You know. We just don't think the high efficiency washing sheets get things clean anymore because there's only an inch of water and there are several all harmful to assess trees but well yeah I know I know NEC the commercials and their like the teenage boy is in the laundry and like that's not real right I know plus it looks like it could do the laundry answered the phone and make dinner for. And you know. Half the time it doesn't really work the way it's post with three out just. With a laundry issue alone and if you tracked down that washing line in the go to our website you find retailer. Or a wholesaler or whatever it is and you know see if they haven't and you go from there you know with you know reaches. This past year we body. In oven. And for the first time again based on one of the shows we've done. I found the model I wanted. I went to every store that carried him and I read every review and one particular website at like 600 previews alone I just kept reading and reading and reading and I think that that was. The most well researched. Appliance or purchase I've ever made and I don't. I don't ever intend on purchasing anything again without doing the exact same thing. It's we did agree ad campaign around buffalo products which is this the first career response on our show. And it was very simple found the vehicle of your dreams but be be be fund to help you find it dealership you can stats you I hear you find a car you want. I know what I want and nine you know my husband and I did our research we know which dealership gonna go to when it comes time to signified a money. It's like tickled at its original washing machine went Mike my Hyundai that has manual windows and I saw him miss our. Line up. You know you know we Wheatley. Went to the our show with the cars than he's OK now let's pick a dealership who has who has an eight plus who's you know who answers are complaints so you know he's he's learning in a loan but that's awesome that's what you do you know you've refined product she line. We'll help you find someone. As for many many many people that's another nightmare experience than him going out to buy car. Yeah it is it's it's always in the top ten most complained about industries Soledad. And it's there certain players who are mad there's certain dealerships that are fantastic style you know it's just he's just got to do your homework and if you choose. Eat it would every dealership you choose you know make sure that it's that you know if something goes wrong you know the contrast that to your ship we'll take care that your that's awesome again. Ask dot BBB dot or war. BDB down for whatever is easiest taken at the time tour yeah absolutely and and one unit the other and vice Versa. So what are. What do you think is the next level what do you see anything on the horizon that might surprise us in terms of scams or what we should be on the lookout for. I think we just really have to be vigilant with Smartphones. Whether computer's just making sure we have Oliver virus protection in place. You know watch out for malware. And click on links. And just you know when the over the phone rings. If it's number you don't recognize. You're not comfortable answering it if it's legitimate call believe humans its share you know just it just common sense stuff you know don't. We we saw a spike in September of like steamy text messages from banks we did a story. With. Oh my gosh brings different this year Rochester we did a story about the steamy text messages. I got one of my work phone. It's as you're keeping it pink account is locked and keep picking out. Those and you know so we worked with Cleveland's BP B. Keybank is headquartered in Cleveland worked with Cleveland dvd to let them know. An hour on it and they issued Millard. With keybank saying hey you know this is going on in this is not a sending you these text. You know some of the banks do have that text message option so there you know make sure if you do have a text message option that. You know if you get a text message might be legitimate it might not and the reporter who was working with says his was to make America and he doesn't make America counts I was. Thank you mayor and a true and and I was so relieved because I don't have a bank. And yeah. Is it that it's at you know one of the two banks I use a wood and anything all day long but imagine if you do it. I had a Bank of America and a lot of people do right so. They're taking these big banks and texting people there which is scary yes or number they give you is not the numbered at the right and then what. I'll do Israelis to confirm your account number of bank Hampshire gonna ask you to confirm. Think nasty to confirm anything can last four digits of your account number the last four dissenters Stewart share which is what. Most banks do and that's important to note they won't will never ask you for the full number of anything they know it they don't need it. Yeah so if if someone's asking you that know immediately gets a red flag. And then you know were coming into common pregnancies and as you said now so just in a carefully people shop door. And you know if you get a flier in your mailbox or anything like that just call us. 808285000. That's the best way to get us most of the times on the phone okay during business hours. And you know we can work with you know. Whoever gives us collar and say look you know we don't know anything about this business or its businesses yes accredited. You know it just so they eat ya gonna flyers discussed intimate driver ever under pox. Yeah I always important. To do that research. Yeah an and that that remind you mean we we did the same thing last year re better drive late driveway replaced. And I went through the Better Business Bureau before I hired. The person. I also got like five estimate seemed there were so far away from each other on the least mobile. And you know we landed somewhere in the middle of the one with the great reviews. News and down south. We'll sometimes them. You know much cost a little bit more to get that better yes contractor shall know that the lowest prices and always the best option right exactly. Off Melanie McGovern this is the greatest information and I really really appreciate it we got a notch. Yes give us this is like the fastest half hour in the world they have now are always flies rated is it really so again I ask dot BBB dot or war. BBB dot org what's the phone number 808285000. Great super easy yeah I really appreciate this thank you know we we love coming in the.