Between Shifts Episode 7: Terry is apparently MY ONLY friend

Wednesday, September 14th


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Terry Clifford. You Billy Kidd okay back him I had to looks like a crime scene. Listen. Hear you say that you've gone through the entire day in this building and no one set of words you about the back here has now. Who nobody said anything come all the more you in the studio before I said you what in God's name did you do I don't you guys figured ten seconds. Zobel OK so I'm bald I have male pattern balding. Big and it went for a lot of times a years ago I used to shave it down completely now I just use the tremors and just keep it really short. They shaved down completely and and I started shaking it again recently and I'm like why don't ever stop yeah remembered why stop. Because. I ended up slicing my head open not one spot not to sponsor three separate spots that I. That I didn't even notice and slice it dice it my god. This morning at 1030 I'm sitting in a meeting. There's probably fifteen people in this room meaning does I am a kick my feet up on the table I've leaned back. They're comfortable chair I got my hands how mad I'll grow and then I go to Richard Wright thrown in my hand is cobbers. Any blood. Covered. And no word nobody's a word I got up and I walked out of the room which means my head is facing everybody in the back of I had somebody had to have looked when I got up to walk away. Nobody said anything you are my only friend in this building. Nobody said a single word to me about my head I'm being completely not is painfully obvious something is wrong option. Hopefully I'm not sure I would I sit at that hi. I had asked did you. Know that you're not wrote. Yeah that's why I spent. Practicing I'll get what average around. I just wanna thank you for being my only friend in the building OK I feel guilty but I take the credit so you're welcome.