Between Shifts - Terry can't handle Billy's nerdiness

Monday, September 18th

Billy is a self admitted Star Wars nerd. So he couldn't help himself when he saw a Star Wars item on sale. Terry is begging him to leave it at home. 


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Terry could spur me. Bit AKA I doubt nerd myself this week. And god is that even pop. The ball high. Wait to hear here and I starred. OK so I walked her to Wal-Mart and they have that one out that they call the clearance section of the closeout section at a garage sale inside the Wal-Mart yes. I know you are on a 100% right so you're gonna start hours. Yeah I you. Ralph Everett I know that's ground shaking earth shattering news blog on the well and the court I can't get too much and the hope let's just pick it up. And that's the phones with Tyler ran on the side of the black and red it will cost. You can anyways there are several like ten dollars marked down from thirty some. Extent I don't really need another threat to us. Nobody's. And a bottom and I got a home and not only did I get a pair of kick ass got a red headphones but there's an added bonus point in light out. You have been here not I don't have them with me yeah there's a red LED circle around his. Picture please don't tell me that day and every option you can have a bomb full blessings. On you have a flashing. All well well hello or they can flash to the beat of the music. Well I don't really a little high low rent a bike and even burning row so there's the problem there's number one. On its console or inferences whereas Sidon. Tell me is that pushed his pop off. Yes you need this I don't like you know I have a theory about that he's gonna end up being a good guy. Oh really just a father killer but a good guy yes really you know why why. This is dead his grandfather. Is a guy named Darth Vader. And if you remember at the end Darth Vader turned into a good guy and threw the emperor often the lad well sort of OK I found out here yeah all right our I saw. There's no spoilers here is we already know that what happened in the movie is there. But I think he killed his father to prove what a bad ass he has to the emperor. All totally which is gonna get him I'm sorry got the emperor what's the guy's name the super bad guys are worth. Oh god I forgot his name the big creepy guy anyways. He was showing him how bad he wise and at one point he's holding dark leaders. Messed up mangled helmet yeah says grandfather I'm here to finish your work. Yes bringing an end to the dark side is what we're back and I just the last movie I. By that I comes back to the headphones. Should I bring in years it used to work early. So called no police you and posted this I can light up the might maestro being ready to head influenced Billy seen for miles away as a person who has visited. Once again by death. Today he really. Talk costume would belittling people I guess we all would manipulated. Doctor all in all we're already weird enough. I gotta hate under greater I'll Tyler and I have no idea why I love my problem and so little princess lea it's a love for eternity. The it.