Between Shifts: Terry's husband gave Billy Kidd the oddest compliment

Tuesday, October 4th


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There Clifford yeah. I'll let me during that my doubt that our. All like that's something I never heard before you're husband makes me laugh. He is honestly one of the body as individuals I think have ever come across listen I know he's a stitch. And I'm married to guy. But whenever of someone else tells me that he has made them laugh. It immediately strikes fear in in my heart he has what's your day. So for people who don't who have never heard him talk. He comes across almost like the the principal in particular tumor. It straight faced all the time yet acts and he can say something and be completely Libya as he can you believe this and no one. It took my friends years daddies you're out of his piece. Alum. The other night we are gathered for dinner and watch it never seen him a lot and he looks at me just yeah because you lost a lot of on the way yeah forty DuPont so far goes free a good trio. These doubts any kind of lets them Madonna god you're almost honky. But truth be. Hey you like why. That it just looked away and water lucky ones. Well maybe in the air. Does well god op pages. These bailouts DA I would he's somebody smacked dead man outside the hell are you sitting right now actually the room was so loud like I knew nobody else heard that and that made it even funny. A pressure that was a little moment between me and him Ali romance break there deliver. Every odd match up well it was like a craft like he was eight. A seasoned performer. We drop in lines like that. But he's crafty and looked job all posts. The mood there might well. There.