Billy is dreaming of...mashed potatoes?!

Wednesday, January 18th

Billy has dropped over 50 pounds in the past year. Apparently the low carb plan has seeped a little too deep into his subconscience because he's DREAMING of mashed potatoes. 

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Terry Cook birdied. Bad elite men and. Keep your distance is they have maps I've got yeah. Editor and it's up everybody's around me debris all over every idea all. I had to. The most intense realistic dream the other died own no hole. Apparently this low carb Livan thing that I do these days has gotten it in my subconscious because I dream about. Making mashed potato. I broke out. And it did this dream was so real and so intense that I remembered the metal mixing bowl. I remember cut up the potatoes. Were born into my outlook is tasked them in. These little more salt. That was the dream and then woke up and it wiped out just. Is this something you've been craving or missing or not that you knew you know. Subconsciously absolutely yeah La mashed potatoes and Abbas that but for the weight loss portion of my. World Higgins a legend out of my goal weight I just cut out cards as much again. Did you give any over the Christmas break and realize how much you missed them yeah us unseemly ends a little left over at. It was a Rio did you ever cheat day all right you. Yeah well maybe the next cheat a unique because and a metal ball all of ghosts take note it's like I'm not gonna make him an Ohio Salt Lake what I am. We're made ami does that month I'll make it mashed potato I'll I'll. Make him for the minor cream cheese so all things that can be dreaming about. Britney all the things can be rode through my hat do you know you're old expert. It doesn't sound you know what do you wish. Well the DS but now. Not the candidates. Here's a journeyman about. Have you ever had a weird dream that you woken up from Malta said to yourself what what is wrong with me I am dead. Listen and I wish they were about mashed potatoes. I can't really airline has struggled vigil last crazy right you can talk about publicly without having to call therapist. Okay I'll guarantee I headed over Christmas okay. I was here in the studio. And this is this actually isn't there tags I guess it could qualify it's a recurring dream a dream yet but the same basically. Okay. The the locations of changed. And a former employee gay men. Angry is can beat. And did the unthinkable. And I am running through a year away from this gal I don't believe it out who were you talking about you better bleep bleep it out. Just reeling did you wait wit of bullets and everybody is writing it. I'm not kidding I'm not kidding I'm not kidding you third time that industry wow yeah it's it's vitally it's awful. And I go way up like. I'm Fred is with this. Yeah witnesses are ever taken that person to be that way tonight personally never watch violent TV or movies I can't I'm not built for that scares people like that I. I'll Wear comes from. I don't know part of gonna get deeper idea okay. He knows something about you. He knows some secret about you he can destroy you if you want to. I wish she'd tell me because yeah even yeah any secret hideout. Arguing that haven't I answered any of my peers on the morning show is there any they get. Up. Her injury that I've ever really had. That happened in a while but for a long time. I Gergen Henry had a my friend Kevin lived in the house right behind us there's these big green belts around between the yards and Henrietta all day so there's like an open field area. And the reoccur injury but I still to this they have no idea what it means. The Apollo. Landing module the thing that landed on the oh yeah were in the backyard playing and and this they would land between our houses and the astronaut did we get out walk routed mile dirt like all. Never really sat lead singer did and then they just fly away even trip nerdy I. I have no idea what that means now I. You're that was into astronomy whenever the kid had the telescope we he's asleep in the back yard got look at the stars and stuff so I don't over it's tied to that but there's something new there. It's a dream ice where let's I had a dream fifty different time. Let you know when I was a kid I had a recurring nightmare and I had for years Mac you know that the huge lion in the beginning of the MGM yes. It came out of the the attic door was off of my dad whom he came out of the attic door at me all the time how old I know you're a semester of dreams over the river KM messed up. Go to the doctor now Bailey.