Blood in the fridge?!?

Monday, October 23rd


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Terry Clifford. We can't. Happen and anybody given you. Need big bloody begs a meat lately. No open book why would you ask me that question because I have just spent. A week. No matter how much money trying to get. Whatever it is that is Kate on the bottom of my refrigerator. In the green room off of it. Are you talk about here works. Yes we have our studio and right across the buses another room use me conference room now it's sort of our performance room slash meeting room. There's still a little kitchen at the corner and you're talking about the fridge shift my kitchen that has to you're on the jury that's my fridge and let's see who shares that refrigerator with that silly. The city the people from 99 the body up KA and maybe the people from 98 PX YE. Possibly the people from CMF but that's a hall for them they they I've always offered it to him they've always said now so that our god and role play that would leave the the B morning coffee club and myself my thinking was I have a bag that I bring out. I bring all my food with me because after Guerrero my meals that are apple dad's side were backed the B morning Coptic ball. Think he did digging again so what. What she thinks it's a giant bag of meat that is making the mass. What personally. Made me think that I don't I don't know. It alive Earth's. He wrote cents. And I'm Ellen yeah there sure is blocked. Clean a lot of refrigerators in my day to tell you straight cleaning lady is Ku made a lot of cool cool way that wasn't. Oh there's jello. There's some old yogurt in there there is there what is what why does aid. One of those little tangerine things nectarine. Although it's so shriveled up now it looks like a while back. But we'll. I don't think there was what used to be banana it's very driven really blacked out it kind of looks like the little as smiley face you. You know how we handle this up on the second floor you know where the managers hang out like me Betty I hate definitely yeah not all gay adult Nevada. On the second floor randomly every couple weeks societal Barbara in the refrigerator that was they I have not your law law. Clean up after yourself withdraw everything out at 3 o'clock got Wednesday and then if you don't get your crap out of there doctor black on Wednesday. Save the black. Because I'm not their mama who threw well anyway. And I got something called awesome from the dollar store they actually worked. Like I cleaner it's it's a cleaner and it's got a weird strong smell. It is called awesome and I got against the dollar tree. A one techsters tell me about it and stuff works and let my skin is a little ripple them really I don't care well I had more skin. Chemicals third taking care of the blood that's been spilled in the refrigerator embed itself pretty good I'm still curious where did that. Could come from. Well it's because. And said show has some friends that bring in Venice and that they turn and other thing. Hello who yeah homegrown glide yeah. LC baby.