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Thursday, January 18th


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You know I reading Mike's the bust my chops over mine emergency preparedness. Slash paranoia and yet. When situations like this. Hawaii text message about the missile we're learning more house added just sad the timeline in the news. This just reinforces. The reasons why I stay prepared I don't know what am prepared for. But I'm prepared for something I'm not gonna be running around like a chicken would know ahead. When people sound the alert. I think it was Ronald Reagan had said. I've misappropriating. This if someone shows up big year how's this is AM here from the from the government and Jameer Nelson who. Perot thrills not friends. You have a responsibility. For when he hits the fan and to have a plan for yourself and your family. You know I thought of you and all this went down over the weekend because you were away. End it if it did happen where you work I just had a feeling that no matter where you work. You had a plan. I don't know what it was I don't know what you gonna do but decidedly cynical I wish I was with Newman ran. The wrong plan now but I got to plant. So how did this timeline unravel on him again. It indicates that those who were in charge. Right after they hit the button you know that this at a missile was coming they waited more than twenty minutes to contact Washington. For approval that they didn't even need apparently committed to another fifteen minutes to cancel the alert that went out so there's like. Over half hour of question marks. Meanwhile this is warning is gonna freaked out the entire Hawaiian island shape. Yeah I have a good friend Jody who moved there about ten years ago and she's that are life flash before her. So like there's nowhere to go out and yeah I don't have a basement. Of the basement she was like a home that barely has windows. She had no plan. And everything flashed before her and she said it felt like a lifetime. Have no clue what awarded done in retrospect I heard a lot of people were enough to like a local target in his swing into the basement there but none houses in Hawaii of basements. So that probably would have been the best thing to do is handle that a little. People who skier out of their minds. You said you. Murton spent a lot of time with your grandma and growing up did she'd remember the Cold War stuff I mean maybe that's where your docking cover drills insurers. Absolutely you don't have to look to my grandmother house did that well. You didn't know we need to do those in the fifties we didn't have duck and cover. A week. My fellow for the fifth graders for glimpse. Really no Honda announced they're not hide. A lot of families had actual fallout shelters they blocked it out how I think every school had deducting covered we never did I never claimed under the desk in my life. Ever did that happen after you learn in grade school or your pet war I'm not real ugly disaster or an hour and I started grade school in nineteen. We 1958. And you know who into the good the Cuban missile crisis and all that but they were places it's nearly CME Billy won't have the civil defense science that we knew where to go what to do. Posse man I shouldn't read history but outside all of that. Paranoia in the schools stemmed from the missile crisis because. Russians the nukes in Cuba. Not everybody was ready. In case they went through on our way. We will we were already back then released we will bring you in New England I don't know what happened in other parts of the country but. It was fascinating last and thirteen win this although former. Places here around Rochester area. That the shelters and they were all packed with food and thin beds. When I was in high school we had emergency food supplies already set up. If we had to stay in the school for a walk right now we're not ready. Else and tell if at all they give. The morning coffee club good morning. Morning. You were just talking about stopped at those schools did back in the pit speed you know we had what we called air raid drills. And we would have to go in the hall. The girl that sit on the floor and the guys stand over. Oh. That wouldn't go there anymore no it wouldn't go anywhere I any other way around that I could. What happened. But we had Adam like monthly. Local. We'll. That's unmanned and can see an emergency chivalry is now dead yeah yeah that's the. In the end that we can't you can't do it they are depending on what it but we can't crawl under our best. Out. Yet people are sending notes and on our Tex signed this silences I was born in 61 and we had air raid drills just like you said. Months 51 grew up in Geneva we had ducking cover drills and I was in kindergarten now would have been 7172. I've vivid really remember them in the seventy holes and so the only want them or. Maybe just blocked it out that's what I think that's a good. Sending an area I don't know you know nets and nice saves communism. Yeah a pop up in our daily guide hit a good days huge banks. Be morning coffee club. A clear goal and got prepared for anything like that the Western New York we can barely air burst well armed happened ball. You know marriage that has a perennial big actual bad beer or stop and happy here if you lose their mind. Yet not being a jerk but remember the windstorm. I have only a bigger work out by the target to get it is within seventy mile here. Now do I don't ball. Park all. Agreed. Yup that's been desperately better and that opt I would earlier options and if there ever parent of United States. Where can I find this list. Not geared at the any date it they are not there are there. Got to look to all that about five word here April argued back. And annually more years. Of the old guard from Kodak talked about how. Over prepared they word is they are are convinced Kodak was. A target for an economies and you talk about the fallout shelters everywhere in the last seven just drive down Monroe avenue it. And you get the apartment buildings you know world. It inside doors and almost all of them have that. Looks behind the yellow Sardinia. Well they prepared because they didn't they knew not to count on the federal government or the state because it would take him too long to get here. Now the next game on this what happened in Hawaii thing no one has any state is ready. Good commenting straight times thicker via. We'll go to you next in morning. Go 08. Beer market well. Cold War. I was born and dictate to enter. Average little bitty note back a bit ought joke or Latin open totally do it added that aren't there. I did it extensive tour of damn amount more arrests and there's a fallout shelter built inside the damn. No down there yet yeah I was young men and it. The editors. I predict it to him you know you are karate builder based credit. That was their public access. It was Apollo Charl. It's I'm did not knock the dust off on. Banks were McGraw. We try one more coming at you on the air but I. I didn't. You're really eager to conspiracy theory on you guys. Are right so bottom. We had little white being boy that we had it you ought to shut down at art build apple airport. Yeah I think I think that what's going are in the pac. You know we'd. There have been people in the government who have been out for years told us that people like you named him into the bank that your emergency preparedness is irresponsibility. Are greatly emission they believe in their example shouldn't be followed. And now you know that's not the not the case anymore. And I ever resolved. Their testing various things that gauge our emergency preparedness at any event at about them like that happen. And why not showing we're not ready for. So it's one of those don't say we didn't mourn yeah. Right. Think they got co bird Lee test how prepared we are because he. I can see with his guys Eamon yeah. Yeah I liked this guy you call more often all right. Seeing Yahoo! group. How is just three men note we get from a listener we were permanent member station about timeline and that Hawaii missile alert. Texan now there breaking it down. And ninth try and see what improvements. Can be made to. System. And I'd. Lady sinister note her son stationed there and in place called heyday. So it. Mean anything to anyone I should probably know that. And she tells story about how she was slipping out. For 38 minutes. And what I feel like I should know Cape May is that where the big army made sense. In Honolulu are on the line islands meander in during that time. And not also. Bono was kicking around the emergency preparedness. Enthusiasm that I have. I forgot about this it's a mice and and those say any good LDS. Mormon has a year's supply very. Think they need is that part of their doctrine. Yeah preparedness stuff SARS I forgot who dat. Yes it's like. So you dole suffer from fear panic. Yes yeah it's it's like an unspoken. Rule. Peace of mind I did the same thing that I do it's not. Religious its just pick the dash yeah all of your relatives and I'll tell you man waited his. The coming new little it's kind of re lit mind the fired did burns in me for preparedness. Is when I've got this. That's that this army man if you don't even wanted to know. How prepared you are oh Jesus. So it's like via limousine the president trying to drive around in and kick. Pull up in that being until Jesus came back really well and I got more trapped in there. Emergency supply day's hottest solar. Gen action in case sat truly have to. Beep primitive. Odd man martyr reserves. In naming Nomar he's. Now ran out of confidence and listening. Tell me man when it hits the man. You're revealed when laughed that's what's gonna yeah yeah. The morning coffee club. I Umenyiora. Yes hi good morning. I knew my name is huge budget I served in the back. A Bob Hebert and. Oh yeah yeah our god it was a woman I'm sorry. Is it kinda alienated. We are turning your very up highway Hawaiian Marine Corps base yet. Yes. My thunder twenty year old marine are stationed there and I work nights and I got to. Awoken by his call say scared everything Derek. She's certain it was complete parent there. There is no. For 38 minutes until I got the all clear. Oh man your heart must came out your throw. He also piracy in there without weirdest phone call I would review. Literally lost my mind. So you heard from your sign before you knew of text alert. Yeah how okay good gas. Yeah maybe he got the actual tax you know the emergency. Cut. Australia that there was an incoming missile. And they basically all this ran into the center of the barracks and they didn't know what to do. And not. He he called me to let me know that everything there aren't. In this studio is in the military so imagine in just a civilian. We are now run and there ends or sit network. Yes I can't imagine. He you know. When. What he called me and let you know when you are right of course I turn I'm feel man and everything and unlike. I'm so glad I didn't wake up to. Two in the sun and news and have not been able to get older with. You know that's a little strange that the military wouldn't have some sort of protocol. We don't like a group prepared so that makes me even more like oh man. Yeah off off her record. He's right that we've never been trading arm what to do. I think also voiced that yeah I guarantee well this is your usual wake up call so angry I didn't. So what are contributors who do the good job they're not I just monitored China not a personal experience. And it and thinks her. Your son's service. I really appreciate their Domingo I don't need much. Our idea Bart.