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Thursday, January 18th


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If there's anybody listening. In got a note there is. That. Isn't says like trapping. In the first trade. You didn't touch with me I'd like to interview. Hunter trapper fur trader. On mass Sunday morning and taken an outdoor show who I met a guy yesterday. Who was in the third trade. Locally and I was like man I gotta get this guy on that at. Summers gave me into bay he's not an option. But is due to all these like man I'm sit none like uttered over a hundred grand worked must Stratford. And storage area and blob of blossom learn Orleans counting. And now we get to talking about. The first trade and I never did you know anybody in the urge you well know. In this guy's leg and has spent a lifetime in our area trapped and muscular had mean. I mean just you name it be murdered I mean it's been doing it his whole life and is an old namely paying. And I guess the industry's. Down right now but you know those really expensive. Candidate deuce project jackets that are so popular that people are didn't second mortgages for. Well they Canada goose and jacket popularity. May. Lead to a boom. In our local fur trade. I thought they still went about it. Bus crash that they're sort of they're stuffed with Canada goose but you know the collars the Fuzzy collars that are popular. Those are high notes. And normally our coyotes aren't desired third jackets because they have little wolf than them desert in northern strain. So they're Coetzer. Not soft and fluffy. So they use the western coyotes most often for Canada goose jackets and other high end jackets. I out west they had a terrible I have season. So they're gonna have to supplement. You know some provide detain an Aries with an Aries again wow Hayward how long gone. Yes so they eastern. Coyote. Could potentially replace. Those that are lacking from. Out west this year we'll who knew yeah I was like are you can't. Who you hang out with we have these. And lobby of the radio station.