BMCC- 0515 Haus high water bill

Tuesday, May 15th


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No real live alone so I know we have all you financing yourself in in your house I would guess. Do you permit pretty much kill the bill I handle the bills yes Julie does that my how she show you bill yesterday that really. You won how much water you use. And how they figure how much you pay for it. Let your water bill yet now. My water bill fluctuates. My eyes I can't believe what happened awards honors went up from fifty dollars a month the 75 dollars a month just like that. And I can't figure out why. Because it's just two of us do not bill. Was up Ahmad Al wanna say almost fifty bucks from one pay period. To the next I don't know if I'd pay monthly or I paid for ninety days I don't know we could speak we paid by the quarter. Three months it's that we use 171000. Gallons of water the first three months of the year. I you know I'm no way of judging. Dad but I mean we you know it's like you we don't use a lot of watering. Two showers a day in the house has it been going opera is this just in this huge when he by a dollar. This quarter it was we more than it was the last quarter it's crazy things. You vacationed and yes like how much given the. Is your cleaning lady lake showering and. If it is not a contact Catalina somewhere. Well he did have a lot of work done out in the front yard a couple of years ago water pressure. And I it it's it just. I can see gradual. Announced that a sudden hike like this kind of convenient cop me by surprise I did notice my bill Nguyen not. Significantly. To see him. I don't know I uses I used I'm terrible for the environment I used the water of that family of five. I know that you feel like if you step regular soda at a in your bathroom yeah all I'm terrible but it led you have. We use so much water this is going to be terrible to just make you feel better you're not as bad as me we used so much that it triggers. Like the hot water gauge downstairs. Where we have to reset it like we have so much hot water running in the house that once like I'll have the wash machine that dishwasher somebody you'll be in the shower. And there are some that when my boiler. That it will trigger and I'll have to go down in reset it. I'll never somebody's gonna have to stop using hot water I've never thought I'd never had to do that but I grew up in a house where. And now and I still operate this way out still find myself. Like nobody's allowed to flush a toilet nobody's allowed to run the dishwasher you turn on any scene while they are telling me this hour. Nobody turn on the other thing is in our house grown up to trailer. Oh my god when you if you were in the shower and somebody flushed the toilet you were scolded for eight to twelve seconds. And you would get a little warning you to be like. Like he could hear the pipe to rattle playing in the us also authorized cardboard walls and then it was just like. So boiling asset being in Oregon so I'm. Classically conditioned says somebody showering. New area Foss it gets touched up. Yeah growing up we had that if you were second or third in the shower you just didn't get hot water and power. And I don't know man to tell B next month or column called didn't go low water people. Didn't I don't know did they do not don't even know what they charge a gallon I don't know how they determine and it's just one of those things that I did see they tell me and not pay it. Three dollars and fifth day of the bills three dollars and fifteen cents per thousand gallons. So. This is why Julie doesn't wanna look at the stuff is at. Odds and Gil good morning. An important art and let's go and mr. Grossman was octopus oracle yes there. If you lose any thing Warrick. Where I Lou and German Duce or you know you there on the border before and you're out of every three months. We were in western were in the same water and sewer authority. Yes earned it. But arms it has been on and on and has been out there and do an estimate of watching your news. Or point shooters. And they don't read Peter once a year. Yeah. Our neighbor for example one way down so. Was not all were foremost. And everything and Al shot. And we were in there at all. And they got the all ever regular water use it and they weren't all in order form bonds. It now that he says that that sounds really familiar if you get a yak column and see if they're estimating her actual doing a meter reading. Is I think you can have your bill corrected now that this man says that. I wanna say that sounds really familiar and overestimate down easily notice that. No zones and I. Ever know the real world so once you're Padilla estimate should switch for the entire year were up. Well my only question and I've never gotten an answer from them yet there's all what are paid more that I actually this year. I never predicting why. It should be like our income taxes. Either give me each actor elegy trucked in some buckets of water him up. And it's did you get these years that. Drugs I think it's. It all right folks it's time for a new feature here on the B morning coffee club we're still working on a name for admit. Now will college teams we should've said yeah in the last segment. Well man they pointed out some good ironing. I'm telling house will spend 300 dollars on dinner but he's outraged by his next or what twelve bucks in his father helped. I'm fifty crews of the year but he's like dollars. Let's begin that Linda. They remind.