BMCC-0516 ATM panhandler

Wednesday, May 16th


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Seen allow us at times we'd like to point out the hypocrisy in our self. Well I had a moment. That I can't believe I handled the way I did. I'm. I was taken the kids we went to Applebee's. Came out of Applebee's for getting in the car. And a gentleman younger than myself approached me quickly out of nowhere so we kind of startled me a little bit. And he said excuse me ma'am I have an emergency do you have any money. I mean I'm I'm clicked in my boy into his car seat. And I was I didn't I thought and I'm sorry I don't you know which always makes me feel bad which Applebee's if you don't seem gates. So I didn't car. And it actually did trigger all I do need money for parking and things like that so I go across the parking lot to my bank which is Chase Bank. And I'm at the AT and and Mary is again. Any comes up to my window you guys to my left I have. Put my card into the machine I now have the cash in my hand outside of the window in their he has. Mean I am I have an emergency like how close but very close arm's length all yes oh yes and at this point. My kids are scared. And I felt. So vulnerable. And all I can do. Was get upset at him roll up my window and drive away. I was just. I couldn't I did I didn't handle it the way if someone were to say oh someone approached me asking for money instead there was an emergency I didn't handle it the way I would look like you. Well I'm sites Tony Tony what do you wish she would have done well. I don't know. Maybe after what's your emergency you know woody but I just felt threatened at that point ones I didn't have my husband with me the second time. And there are I have cats. Did you call the authority I did not. C would at the first hole and I wouldn't have won if he would have the same guy would have followed me to the ATM and down now and gain share would have called the authorities warm. Is that you can't assume you're the only person. Oh I'm sure that has. He was a lingering. He was lingering if you did have an emergency the consulate have been able to. You're just I don't know. I didn't dignified as an emergency I mean he didn't threaten me in any way but yet I felt threatened like you wanna be a good pars I wanna be a good person. I wanna help those that are in need to buy it you have to weigh in that moment you have a split second to do it. MI going to help this person or. Am I the wind it's endangering. Them and that's exactly. It you know so that's out of out of. I'll tell you where I. The drive home my oldest was in the back. And the it the other two we're a little nervous and scared because he was a stranger. That my oldest in the that was like mom I can't believe. That you were so mean. And that you didn't help him out. Sell here I've set an example. You don't tiny. She's making me feel guilty only been knowing him he'll be can hurt us an hour bike trying to explain this you heard. Bats are probably some teenage me have it's okay. That's exactly what it is ID say that word death that's can't even take. Like now even tea yeah me are ya. Feel bad and I get it out feature I GL yeah. Now that you guys would probably do the same thing that's what I needed to hear about I did not overreact. You know coming up and bag than an ATM. Extremely. Vulnerable that's scary. The eyes yet nine only. How to call the cops they sat. As comfortable in a way. And I probably would it lingered in the parking lot from a distance just he would have been selected point amount Aaliyah is that the cops they you know me coming huge yard. I know. I. Did you two WBE is our studio line good morning and. Art and they're. A police station flight B I. Will be. Yeah that. Their art. Garrett Chela and why did not. Large crowd they like it. Get away at that. Yeah. Via a cash but in the meantime. Absolutely. Absolutely and you know what about. I'm. Heidi. She. I got an urgent need to add money and military. Might military I eat. I got to get that. I had like. I don't try to add on that. I'm a commanding the act. I can't figure out a way I like coming out and they're dirt bike is. Art. I. And hot there and to calm day. Absolutely. Couldn't catch up argued that I'm an idea but again I beauty yeah I'd and I and I want to unlike. You know lack. And if you got. I this just came to me out basis on out then diet that's feeling base they profile lives just like we profiled them. Yeah you're the woman yeah. Yeah yeah yeah yeah. Yeah and meg and AM. Shotgun. Shell. Out big east so much. Aren't hunting. 222 WD. Is our studio line got a couple calls on hold in response to TJ tell us about. And and alert for the lack of better term warm came up sewer indeed parking lot. At Applebee's. And Sydor up for some money she. Said hey I can't help you out. And then went to the ATM the drive up ATM in the same park and lied and that dude followed her. To the AT you know men waited so in dispensed or cash in and approached her rights of my window car window there. And people were Colin endless stories of very similar. Approaches by these panhandlers and parking lots and something similar happened to mean minus the AT own part actually twice. Both at the same store they Henrietta. Home Depot both times last. Summer. But when that happens man and I just hate to go back and beat a dead horse by year. Shame on policy change. I I'm just I don't understand. Why you didn't call the police there is if I'm not mistaken I'm not too familiar bid isn't there a police station in the parking line. The others a substation when one of the college pointed it out his acting I I was in I was kitty corner from the sub states and wanna see how it happened. I'm I'm look I'm not trying to narc shame you hear any thing. But in my head I'm like OK if this person did this to me and I just drive away. What's the turn on to do. It to another person and he could escalate and who knows that the person gets more and more desperate if you call somebody. At least the police will be on alert in May be thwart another attempt. You are absolutely right which hindsight is always Tony Tony. At the time I just wanted to get out there I had my kids for some reason I felt threatened but I do wanna say. He did not threaten me whatsoever. Verbally he didn't show me an if he just was asking me. He's an aggressive manner and he followed me to the AT. He Indy how close was he to you give me in terms of feet how close was this person to your car window while use your card I could touch him. Iraqis and I restart my way so act while he's invading your space he couldn't reach him. Go to our yet again I'm on my arm is out the window house I was grabbing the cash from my ATM and there he was that is of by and that ism. I'm telling you that. It gets too close that is to close and then I saw him he wandered into the Wal-Mart parking lot I am sure he asked many other people. And I just went about my day. And you're absolutely right. I just felt like what's an ember is this really an emergency I feel guilty calling 911. With stuff like layers what she did. And it's so simple. Call the non emergency number every police department has won. If you don't it don't think it's worth the 911 call there is no hard that's what that number sport. You say hey I don't know if this is it saying here's what happened then it's on the police department. Now this guy this person's not run and around. You know undeterred. Mendez. Not being monitored nobody's hit 28 RI just scares me man because in. While on one hand shame on me for I think in the worst right but self preservation is huge with me. So you know it is in order referred to me to preserve myself if I got a call and say you potentially may have a problem with dispersant. In that person does get it that's on them that's between them and the cops that has nothing to do with me. I'm nine. Installed. See something say something just isn't it to do with terrorism you guys I just sat here how many months ago when I had this beautiful story. About a homeless vet that approached me outside a fast track. He approached my car. I got out of my car I talk to him I sat in here and I told this beautiful heartfelt story about what did she just talked to one. This may end it necessarily want my money he want in my conversation. He wanted to need to look into him in the I did all best and then to react the way I did. Remember that story yeah and that person didn't come up tuna threatening aggressive way he disperse and did. It just it it's instinct I had a different feeling. About this the guy was younger than me. You know what I mean clearly he was much stronger than I was so and I felt intimidated. How would call the cops I would have called them pain to an AT and back again and now would it man now it wouldn't go to meant you had a chance actually that you don't wanna live next to me when Hamels. There Sonia yeah. I quit do I think to call now to me and tell us that B morning coffee club good morning and. Why can't get into it. Here's what I think the good and there's between your story from a couple months ago and now what happened you in the park. You married. Told the gentleman who you'd just wanted to talk. Listen I don't have time or are I'm sorry it you know I know. He think he would have followed you and inflicted on talking or T think you would get that okay have a nice day. Now he he's he was very kind this story for months ago. It was very outspoken and I didn't feel threatened what the latter. And that's the difference you know this other guy he embassy queue outside of arrest which in the heat. By the way and then he followed you to another location where you're likely to have money and I'm sure that if you had to go to Wal-Mart or I don't know at staples on that other. Now that's been closed but. People are no doubt that there had I gone to that. Yeah he's probably would have continued following and mean you are right that what your state in the saint Peter dead ahead any. You know sympathy that you might attack Bert I knew. Probably really didn't need it. Any dad it's the situation really that bad but the fact is you've got a budget you and I'm sure that budget doesn't. A lot more giving out twenty everybody US. And immigrants. Are her ex. A thank you so much for holding noted you know X good morning. Morning. I. Sorry I hit that it didn't. It's. You know I have people in the oh did you hear that there are Iowa auditor in the name on our unit because I don't know where they left. And I'm like now I really don't care act bleed I. And I. And I want to worry about the ones that are the are. That at a packed out is people are. Our thinking and I. It would be eight or Torre I would but I. Went out yes and gently at. Adopt the all of the you be thinking about. By the Al. That might not go right. Out the air is our. But the app to app where we are out feel bad. And don't and then in other point is that aren't and number eight we went. Would be worried about that and a point at that or in art and not get on your good night and Bennett. I want there aren't up to make it in there I. Don't know where. Now their homeland in need Bernie and pop up plot and that way by. You billing and went at. Right you're at an open art and you know on a plea. I get a hamburger and I want outlet and I help them and they ended up quite a bit like being. Well you know there are they ran out but don't wanna be at it as your order when Al. Its top flow go to church every Sunday you know I have a good heart now and help those in need to buy it. I ages I feel just as strongly about self preservation and that is just an inner struggle by it. On is always there on market. See them and say something. Up because. I just think like if that person in good guy emerges on just hypothetical. More desperate as the day went on line and so we are very short on time it did cause thank you so much. It.