BMCC-0516 Don the Handicapper teases Preakness

Wednesday, May 16th


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The morning coffee club. Attic up. And there. Is ears are ringing. Hey Don my right only eight horses. You've got or heart then. I got a little false search and on my report it's going to be tough on. You don't realize that but kept it already justified it caught up important faction. Leno I don't know you all are better now leaking news. Now that's the sure race. I am depending on what is sort of affectionate. Sorting out what that. Argue but you know what they can go up strong horse in this race I pattern. A couple of all of called today. And just a couple I would doubt account. And they are property out there. Situation nor brought down downer so we're outdoor topic alright. I'll try to record router or. Yours BO. But don't apply to do just that fight that night. Okay yet not just need to all of us about the foot infection. He got a side that would catapult back in the I mean I take it all out then and I thought. Ali hit you in the morning with my election that you looks like it because you you know we gonna be my current strike. If you don't look like very good shape. I eat and take a look at some basic resources there. Oh. Like you wake up. Well like eight that it. Dropped out there. And secretariat made some big your body radio and it airport they have quite again. So. Well done. What are your departing what might I can't wait now are excited by.