BMCC-0516 Rappel For Scouts in studio

Wednesday, May 16th


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They would sub mr. hole laid how you've been I'm doing great how are you hear things are happening dead ladies and gentlemen Stevie boy from the Boy Scouts and who's your friend introduce everybody so with me is Joey LO in Joseph is one of our caller's actually second timer collar for tournaments for asterisk on him. He Dillinger of thank you tell us how old you are iron you're not. Alone. House is so excited right now daddy. The baby and well fantastic it's that time a year again. Wonderful and then put on by the the Boy Scouts. At sets when he wants stories for scouts and first year it's Kodak. Never Kodak towers are ninety or do on the events we got 96 people repellent on Friday. Which is the most it ever happened is just a wonderful wonderfully are coming together and and the that would help raise money for kids in inner city rural communities and in the sports got in otherwise so it's a great. Great opportunity to have some fun and raise money for kids in the program. We get TJ we doctor into has so I heard Helen now GO. You're an experienced propeller yes I am your sit next to a new and novice no no penal. Or before what kind of advice can you giver. Speak on their great out there they'll take good care. They're great I think get hands and good has a (%expletive) are wonderful story this call all the time. Pretty much so there you go in as you know I got called down. Good for you Joseph what your story from here born and raised right here right or Hillary or is it Rochester has lived on each side. It's true depression. No kid not have survived that survived the service. Survives a realistic lone surviving. And a real quick I just want to ask you a philosophical. Question because I look today at the wisdom of my elders. Tom you've you've seen in this country and some turbulent times I imagine. Today compared to them are we going to be okay sure banking there. I can tell. They keep. Let's get back to repelling here. So I do not till TJ it's like I've been invited to participate in the repelling. And I think acted enjoy it and in engine to have fine. But it's that first step. Up to first first of all on the rigors when he stood job. You feel comfortable already because they're so professional and today and they make it conflicted sense if you are a little tight. And they really can't get down. You get up Terry your turn around and hang. Put your arms up there let him take a picture and don't Diego now you've always been a daredevil. But I guess you can call it that you jump out of planes in the service Knoll. But I do have a pilot's license. And that there has its experience. When I did it for just two years ago the couple before really teach change our skydiving. So I think that's my connection. It sure you. Mine not to do you like for you balanced on the wall because I have a feeling I'm good at try to put my body against that. I kind of walk on the wall I wasn't sure about my excellent. People bounce down this let's do like professional they're swinging now I'm not not not two months okay yeah you're thinking to seal team six. Cars Diana sports story. Doing what he'd be happy singing Mission Impossible theme in my head the. That's good you'll have yourself psyched up it'll wanted to and the and techniques on it. And we've we have had a couple bouncers over the years who have tried to bounce their way down and and sometimes it works. There is a speed brake on the row. Pharmacy can't you don't want to fast. And that's obviously for. A lot of the reasons why do that. But the arm so we've had a number of people tried doing the bonds are returning who actually got themselves stuck because this Bieber cup event that is a little more complicated to get yourself on stuff. But. That's what happened to me that it but I was wave into the breeze I couldn't unlock the lock them and I'm trying to give it signaled that I'm in trouble house handled like eighteen of the stories really well yeah. Just dangle there for the final I don't agree button mechanized and what I this is great minutes of fun event I I had the great opera to. Unity once Steve did it I was able to be on the roof when he. You know win over the not rushed down to the streets and be there when he landed planned on doing the same for TJ. When you go and MIT as Steve mentioned in the beginning in this segment this is a big fund raiser that's very important to the scouts. Am against you can you can elaborate on on what great things will be done with this money you have so is so. You know we have a 15100 kids and RC program are in the city Rochester who note these are kids who for the most part most of never leave the city. And we were reminded that we take in the summer camp. Nominees has get experience they get great role models people who staff the work within the around provide a leadership based care to own program and then we get to take in the summer camp. And take them out of their element and really. Build character and teach them leadership skills and and values and it's amazing to watch these kids grow and now as they often had to college into other things in the name of the get focused on schooling and and to some great things of their lives and it's thanks to the the resources are really great mentors and character development program that they get those benefits and where we're we're grateful built right. Still one question I asked this to him. I meet people who were little the meek what's the one biggest thing that you seen in your life that need to go wow I never thought they'd see that. Greatest invention greatest happening greatest anything or conduct a long owners a lot of them. Restricted greatest experience I had was living through the depression. It gave me a lot of the perspective all absolutely. And I was a scout in 1938. And we had to disband because of money while so I feel that I'm able to do softly enough and see some kids smiles Anibal. What's the secret. I want to be. Is vibrant. Is as you are never say I can't do all right. You. Ever you say that jokingly come back tomorrow morning at five there I mean just in the whole day with us if you bring coffee embellish a fair picture okay. Well I want only she guys that the best of luck it's a wonderful event and we're happy to to do our part as a radio station in TJ individually. First and foremost though bring attention and raised little money for the scouts in I'm telling in the highlighted Monday was me news there. Thank you very much pleasure to veer very comfortable Steve he'd take care you your finger you can always count on us whenever you need to get a message Japanese Internet and it meant we just had some representatives from the Boy Scouts and studios to promote there Tony one story spurred scouts tomorrow TJ is going to be part of the fund raisers they repel lofted. Cited the Kodak tower. Yeah tomorrow is the media repellent on Friday is the repellents. Like 96 other people so when do I get to see it again it was just in here if you just joined us we just had a 92 year old righteous Darian. In here and I couldn't talk to that guy all morning long. And no serious when I invited him back you don't spend the whole morning talking to use. One day. Magic to happen into the wisdom and 92 year old and not some bitter. Angry fallen apart 92 year old like you will be yet excellent that this guy. It was had had been through hell still had a smile on his case had overcome the greatest obstacles and here he is 92 I affair he told they told us he still has a bar tending job and down. Yeah and she's repelling tomorrow ninety to enlist the jump out of a plane. His philosophy is never say you can't. Used to call on a minute Blake Blake. By that age he's he's got it figured out. TJ Sharon imposed this picture on our face that page and it's a pair like. All those whole three songs we just played before is that guys that kid and I think this is I don't really sound like that I might just click. Suppose. So everybody else can see it and somebody did point something now and I don't bite my hat off to not have permission did you speak freely without. It depends a new unity jog real America and time about mean OK yes because it says somebody pointed something out to mean and I know how you women are. And came a lot of only can be the same way. Bide your very you know women. World's fudge numbers. Very important numbers when it comes to the rigors. You know the people responsible for their ropes and strapping you win. Why can't touch your way to. You ask me my way you know they have to wait and when the first things they got to know which wrote to use those. That's well I mean you can whisper it to lump and I fluctuate a better way I felt right. Yeah did tell us readied on a piece of paper. Lie about that I want to be as accurate it's quite the anesthesiologist what you want and Ryan and I. I'm what I'm not asking don't care I don't need to know just I just wanted you to know to be honest. It there so however I know what normal right stick tumor out I know what number it's if I was yes. I wouldn't even dare my I was sorry hasn't been dreaming I was race better yes atlas that.