BMCC-0516 Russell Dickerson calls BMCC

Wednesday, May 16th


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925 did BB EB morning coffee club two weeks away from guitars and stars tickets are still available on our website all the information at WB. He got Aaron yeah look who just called this guitars and stars artists Russell Dickerson to mourn and now what the and not too much man I was you import people call and install them on line a little bit to try to get some info. The man. People are pretty tight lipped on news. Missing acted fine it was that you know give from Nash mill he went to college there national sleep not one of these guys and add to like. Pond jewelry and move there. To investigate your career started to tell us what your story man. Well I didn't I'd like fifteen minute the suburbs now. And I didn't have packed up all about it. Though Gerri give him all the credit default entry. That open match though and been here though in new gold. And down. That is not our right on what I'm about twenty. And ever since then I just had a cup of again I love being on the road kind of start my dirt. We need from Nashville. Russell when you grow up in the you know the epicenter of country music does that add extra pressure to succeed. I mean I don't think though I think I'd be independent and get it that it's an in sight you you have yet at our wrote the are all the people are coming in though it. Just turner he's the Indian my dad church choir. So I got you beat him here is all. Day from college and though. Keeping a really cool like root beat it in our industry. Ari can we get to the love story part of this when you met your wife Kiely who by the way. I just got done watching the video of the new video blue Tacoma where she directed and starred in and she travels with you. Yeah. Yes she is the real rock partners in. Two dollar bomber as she started out human all of my photo and video. I trichet viewers videos well. And though it seems there's she's at our right and yeah I'll. In doing that so. Outer. Did we were talk denied earlier this week you know speculating asked what's going to be the big summer song you now we have one every year body like a back roadways last summer's smash. And you know what came in unsolicited Lee more often from our listeners. Good blue Tacoma. Yeah. Yeah. Do people love the song I mean I'm sure you've been coached up your hat to how radio works I mean that we haven't I mean we're playing in the song. You know he's got to be -- fact statistical case before they put it in morning drive but our listeners that have heard it. And other date parts in the afternoons just straight up loved this on mandated they think he got smashed there. Is that is great. I love and that. Go on but the law and implement Everett on. So. I'm glad that it looked real love baby. And it's all cool man that you're able to follow up yours with something pretty timely you know and I mean I always think that's cool when an artist has something ready to go somewhere down after. Sit around and raid if you're just tuning in more on the phone with Russell Dickerson is one of our artists for guitars and stars coming on May thirtieth. Just quick side note Friday morning we're gonna make a big announcement about it in addition to this lineup something son. We've added bit. Russell you're going to be on stage where it's Chris lane. Lauren Elaine and a David Lee Murphy and Lee Brice do you know any of them. Hey yeah. Maybe it is that many he'd definitely hurt the for the first time that and another a little shadow and though I am. You'd have only been one of the most legendary on food and music. What about Lauren Elaine. Are you where were we now. Its aim is not that he has his name and like the city and I. Not the men but I did just that the tickets are selling like crazy in your sonong you know yours we will we've been all over that that has been such a great marketing tool people love that sign. And they wanna come see you perform in live and see what else you have in the tank man. And I'm sure you get a busy day so we're gonna let you run we thank you for your time we encourage people to go to. Wegmans or get my perks dot com to get your tickets for guitars and stars. Again it's on May thirtieth that Finger Lakes gaming and racetrack and before we let you run a wrestled the that's your friends or had any questions for us. Now. I thank you for all the love. Yeah options and maybe you are a brand new song. They don't show viewers are sure I'll put to come on I cannot do it about you guys and thank you so much. And how little and he's talented in time you Muslim sentiment. They go and we'll see you soon rank. September in a windbreaker. And I about all right. It.