BMCC-0522 13 Reasons 2nd Season sparks discussion

Tuesday, May 22nd


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Dot com hey that's show thirteen reasons why you just mentioned in the news yes is this afternoon season. Of this show. Your kids here oldest to remember a seven a conversation about that's the suicide show right correct yeah. New found how did I go. Your daughter I thought. I'd she had already watched it because we also clearly share Netflix and I got on to what she had viewed it. I realized that she had viewed. The shell and when this came out this was huge. I remembered didn't dialogue go like you're amazing is this a good thing is that a bad being in wasn't taken senses like. Hey it's start a conversation that otherwise would not have been had in. Milestones. It helped it was a conversation that forced me to have that I had not yet had or needed to have in my opinion so. Yeah I had to have a conversation. The first episode of season two was this past weekend and that's the one that apparently Netflix held up well on because it was going to depict a school shooting. So they held often releasing. It's disturbing. It justice. When I watched it. But I had to deal with those emotions and I could not imagine what my sixteen year old and fifteen year old was feeling if I was feeling this way. How is she feeling had. You. Watched it first would you have allowed her to watch it I mean I know she watched him before you. Yeah I met now do you really this terrorist group that is calling for Netflix to pull the show. And it's. This is the thing all we wanna do is keep our kids mentally healthy. Safe I get that. These things happen but the wave that show the problem I had with that. There was just this little bit. Of romanticism. And people will disagree with. People disagree and say absolutely not it shows you know. That the choice should have been desperate she shouldn't have done what she did but in my opinion there is just a little bit of romanticism and too. The process a process of it and so that that's that's the conversation I had with my kid and this is every parent is different but that's I had to have that. Buried deep conversation and it went on for days. So I go on the Netflix when I get home because they upload the whole season at one time right that's on net so it's gig goes from episode one to three more. This is the second season ride but I'm telling you they oh yeah oh yeah the whole C obstinate one I'm looking to see if that's the case because the first. You double check and then I can't confirm nor deny that. This is a chapter I skipped. When I wrote my book how other people should raise their children this is it tough for him I want to know that wanted no part of it. I couldn't trying to attend football and even that was enough data Netflix show thirteen reasons why is. Getting more attention with this second season they've uploaded we had a little conversation about it a minute ago and TJ pointed out that. After she watched it she felt. At that show. Even sing glorifies would you say or romanticize is. Suicide. You're not alone acting and it's clearly the mental illness it that's where the conversation should start. With a shout at least in my opinion again every parent is different. I announced can only do the best you can always RA the brain you have I get that. But now we heard from people that said things like thirteen is reason why isn't just about suicide it shows teenage boy like you blink you'll assault parents thousand per lots of graphics situations. Then you know ending here's 11 person is apparent nervous teenager dead contemplated suicide and they. Says hey the problem is to show it's not just that it's disturbing made it glorifies and depicts mental illness very inaccurately. According to. I that person that reached out to us. And then the other side of the coin you know people are saying hey this is just another piece of the puzzle which is keeping their kids from being able to meet kids long enough. And other people say how are sheltering your kids helping them from case in the problems ago on everyday Nolan thinks they're kids they're. Police bit everyone has it done and every one has been affected it's time to stop being so sensitive and really address. The things are do you sort of going through. And I see something in an and I don't I don't know I mean it may be a weird conversation to have with the young kid bay. LOV tiger. The parents out there elementary. And junior high high school parents whose kids every day is holy H day. Don't wanna go to school you know when. I mean it's real is it to reel was that the problem. Or is it an act kickers is it too real it's disturbing or is it disturbing because it's too inaccurate. As a mom I'm scared it planted the seed I think that's why any what any parent. Would be scared out seeded otherwise would not have been there. That the visual. Yes and actually does beatle bullying starts. Such as just the picking in the mean this and the judge Ian got all starts as early as metal sport. You know middle school is like it I in my opinion backed its tough. You're talking about thirteen years old. 1213 year old trying to wrap their minds around. I show like thirteen reasons why I don't think. Mature relieved they're they're ready. You just deal with that on their own it's. I don't give it to me it's kind of ironic that the show exists yet this first episode that heads the deep picked at his school shooting. Was too graphic in the poll. Let's probably timely because again it happened over the weekend I mean if we were we were a month removed from matter some understand but the nature of the show is reality mean am I so it's kind of contradictory in my tags. And and and trust me I'm not seem put our heads in the sand and assume our kids are fine. I'm saying that. Having a shell instead of having the conversation with my kid. That's where I don't want ended. Get it from the show I want I want to have the conversation. Our ears in Maine and all parents are like you all. And that's true. Which I shouldn't assume that but I know for me personally. There's ways I would rather addressed us and have them the way they think about. You know the topic of suicide or anything optical enters school. So that's just my opinion. Cat at that age you know I wanted to watch was Arsenio called the Simpsons. And married with children it was simpler and simpler time.