BMCC-0524 Hear the words from the Vet who was denied selling poppies

Thursday, May 24th


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It goes on that channel thirteen he is a British veteran. On OK yes you outraged defending its employees one of my new favorite. Righteous stare you in Baghdad and her pits for millions I think that was at the pits for us. Oh stop it yesterday yes men I don't with the post office kick in the veterans out. Is that. It's a national policy from the postmaster general that changed right looked so why isn't this historian other cities and our state. Or other cities and other states have you seen veterans being evicted from post offices and any other town and our state. I haven't looked cute you know region. Could it be that when the F flag was stolen that that pushed it up to the top of the headlines the flight was stolen from the yeah. Post office in Henrietta with a scrawled note saying the post office doesn't deserve to fly. The US flag. I'm am. Dan NA that's that's my take. I really get you know three years of post offices just look the other way during this. Memorial Day tradition and suddenly they're taking a hard line. I don't know when this new policy. It took place I would have to. Looked at I don't know man in the whole thing's just disturbing in Indiana another piece of irony is. The post office. Isn't there and it. That's their thing they named post offices and honor of fallen veterans ranked one to Wear the flag was stolen that was Teddy Glenn these Indian. Yes. Days from Memorial Day natter. Does none of it makes sense somber march into the report on it last night and the picture of the veteran pops up. And I love this town it's not too big yet it's not too smug this may be on call and right now. Are amongst. Him I believe we're expecting a call. From the actual accurate. The one who is kicked out yeah just yesterday. Though that is what we're waiting. Later than you like. Go to while these procedures you get a basket with the Tokyo from the B on the shirt. And you know. So I didn't realize that the flag was taken before. Yeah the that yesterday I thought it all kind of happened in the same mortar. It just seems it's it's. Funny how can how can you. Get in the way of veterans just trying to would raise awareness and a little bit of money for the caucus while I know is I'm glad my grandfather that lived to see this day. Because he was hit dashboard was surrounded my dad and goes copies. I. I'm very happy to have on the phone. Commander. From the Pittsburgh. American legion post. Knoll tire is on the phone he was the veterans. Kicked out of the pits for post office yesterday the one the guy defended we just play the clip from. And such as I was saying I love the sound it's not too big it's not too small. Almost every night I know somebody on the news and I know mr. tire and I don't say good morning T how are you mr. tired. Very good. At a word they aggressive word they Kurtz with you how did the approach you. When they told you believe. Well Ernie just. Clearly here and that's because. I what is and I'm from the until Bregman post quote when he netting and anglers actually up at quarter. Most opposite. Corner of schools that Ian or 41. And the general men that I had already. Up to about two weeks earlier. Old beat basically everything was OK. And implementing interest binders so short. And he will you know. Induce. Very. Birdie abruptly said. You need delete. Any need to leave now. It and I would Scott Weber stood can be perfectly honest with it and at the idea. So that we in thirty discussed everything you said. Well there's a new policy and it's been implemented in Sydney believes in the need to leave now what you puppies and. Sounds a little disrespectful to me. That could I handled in a better way. Yes and the gentleman that was there. Lectured equity. Viewers in the American and Japanese severed so what Australian. Was very very upset about it C. You know he was determined that took the bull by the horns so to speak consent this this. It's crazy egos. I gotta go in and speak this gentleman and big bailout went in. I basically. And what he told me to do and that's how missile thing and I think. That the bank standard. So upset that he went and no Covert you've reached. So let me ask you this question if you cannot distribute the poppies. On post up is grounds it to be just off the grounds will be on the sidewalk across the street. Well I actually let's just outside of stopped us on this site so. It was an even incredibly entrenched way they hear it come. It did people that I talk to him and basically say a low. Are going into the entrance but then make them over to media I don't calm over that. Yes I think that's the thing is postmaster says no more solicitation. At the post op as a way east and yet they're good they're distributing. Down man and get donations so. That's I think where they catch lies on mr. tire iron I know you gotta get to work we've grown one I keep you too much longer but. Mid thigh and can brag on our radio station for a minute we have one of the most extensive. And Philanthropic client lists on our radio station and I challenge. Business owners and advertise with this and even those that don't. If you haven't tried it high traffic area high volume. Hinge point of customers in you wouldn't mind having. Some veterans out there and trying to raise some money to help other veterans. If you wouldn't mind hosting them I'd feel free to reach out to us and oh get your information to the Pittsburgh I misspoke early am so sorry Knoll. Or concealed rather. American legion and if they can't do it maybe they can send it to another post. The year the commanders that goes right mr. Pryor. Guess they've been there for two years now has the commanders some wiggle her third urged Obama. To great post and we do a lot of great things that are out of this. Disabled veterans. One in particular organization there's operation built up. And we we do a lot of things sure are a lot of veteran new program and so. It's been Roberts agreed he agreed coalition. I appreciate the era the you know this that you went there. And I don't wary about hey we're glad to help that's one thing this stations as well it's rally behind the veterans I'm very happy to be a part of a a group it's so actively serves that. That part of the community be your great American I wanted to give the your share our forum with viewed this morning proudly served our nation in the Coast Guard. Racism wonderful beautiful family and it's called this area home. For him your whole life I would imagine and I want to thank you for your time. In quick question. Mr. tired dress school must what's harder to wrangle. Should bullet coast these or a bus full children. The bigger body not to hit. I just have a great day sir thank you for your time. Great humor much. Every memorial they do likewise area are no tire rated Mary in right there. Yes yeah and John S Watson is everyday how many days are coming here on the outside now known and well. I'm may or may not. Know that man's daughter and I'll. Very subtle wink.