BMCC-0606 D Day salute

Wednesday, June 6th


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Right it's so many Newsom now forming real quick. Yeah. 1944. 2018. Minus. 1944. While you're doing that math problem begin my salute. To the brave men. He stormed the beaches of Normandy on this today. In the I'll say how many years 7474. Passing you know yeah okay June 6 1944. A bunch of brave Americans. In many cases just children man. Went over and and began the systematic defeat as possibly the greatest evil. This world. Has ever known. The sixteenth infantry regiment from the US first infantry division. Wade ensured. Weeded. Ashore in Omaha Beach. Right about now. 74 years ago. And that laid the ground work that was the foundation. For the allied forces victory on the western front if your. Abbas lightning essay above that just means I've seen band of Brothers and Saving Private Ryan and Al. You've watched a lot of history can't be down now could you imagine no man that's always it was Saving Private Ryan that's the one they had that really law. Intense. Beach storming seen rank Tom Hanks in the first fifteen minutes maybe the most graphic war footage. You little Lucy at the movies and even nine big guy that lost his mind Tom Sizemore was unbelievable and so I don't know I just us on the calendar that it was an anniversary of that and man I think got every day for that generation. One of the best books ever read was Tom brokaw's. The greatest generation. Who really good book and I sometimes wonder. It's. You know on the people if if we would be capable. Of that type of victory again you know I'm 'cause we're also selfish and wrapped up in our own business and didn't seem to be the case back then but it always come around you know late yet. We'd be just fine. Because when something happens man it's a great unifier. In honor and I just. For whatever reason not always remember illnesses can be silly but. Even in a divided board member wind George W. Bush was stand in on that rubble with a bullhorn when. An eleven year day he rallied the whole nation remembers that time have to nation needed. Bush. But in those weird moments like that we just. It's in our American blood we come together so laps and it blew linked with a 100% confidence think it. We would be capable of us. Whatever our Normandy. Would be and a salute the men and women that would be on the front lines. I'm too old now. Sadly. Well I'm well enough for the dead they probably want no part of me and that amenable to handle a radio. With the thought. It has to entertain the troops EA and even then you could do better.