BMCC-0606 Don The Handicapper BELMONT picks

Wednesday, June 6th


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Beat morning coffee club. I hear that edit ever. Well I make my early to expect and I'm at the numbers are out yet but I'd win triple girl. Wow I wasn't expected new till tomorrow we still make good on. Yes I burden. I were them I'd be here that Diana. I went out airlines I'm right guaranteed at or you're gonna win and he wanted. Not enough for every year and are all pick right back are you debt well not. Or your role if you well remembered. It was great so why aren't I might charge somebody did I don't do that people. So. We can have a lot of winners because I'm going to be out there wash just by the wind out. Yet I'm getting just getting ready excited I'm going to throw it away. Then they PowerPoint program. IISP. I gotta be a member of a just say I was there. Now will you show up early intake in the hold they're they're. Sorry yeah yeah yeah copies early and up there were over I'll be drawn by the time I leave notably yeah. Yeah thankfully it's. Part of my life that designated driver went in she done. Aren't we ought to read I'll be fine. That's why Don is that like a glove with us he's. He's just like we are. Well you're celebrating its iron. Okay like a tree or. You know despite going to be my noble and that course. In an article and court coordination because everybody watched VMware in the bank. I've made Humberto. Is you know are so. The or let it lowers the Elop we are you right well down there. My daughter Beck is going to be hard bird. Which is Billy Mack of course then there's another Jack you are key eats better do it in New York. Now my blog check special. Is going to be a good resource. Wrote a blogger Robert Byrd out of that property at all. Revives though. For about OPM ran well in that your idea in the last race. Be it title locked shut at the rate now I'm Anwar is our right oh I'm running have a lot of money or doubted our combinations would doubt. But ultimately bikers rolled right but I did get beat it or. I'm hoping I'm hoping you had a super effective for me and then. Well the super expensive I horses those born here I have. If you want it all worked the as far as I got a black. Bronze ski grad Ryan Brad Bryant and cow ski. I doubt he's right it's okay if nobody hurt doing all right grind grind. But the only area I ate away from him because it heat coming off an injury a month ago. And I don't think the horse you go to they're prepared but beaten pot is a pocket of air in Everett audit or they're going to be what it looked at mile. Okay so John you like just stiff fine. Geno Brosseau an Hoffenberg. And your long shot special revise. Right it could be warned. It. It. Your correct 1843. U four feet there and three you have bought out the application. Or or. I opened Asian or bring a lot of money over time by upper. Well if you and we all do it on yes I don't know I might go utter a choice of who need that money I don't need that money. You're better than me yeah that's some. They carry it and I wish you well I drop. He mastered another year and I call on Monday at and talked via. I am under want more. Off at notre drop I want our. It's stuff done be safe on your trip down there have fun we'll socks and I'd done. It.