BMCC-0606 scam mail and timeshares

Wednesday, June 6th


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I got quite a piece of mail yesterday I know everybody get to junk mail but this wind. Anything with the red letters final attempt I'm like oh my gosh who did I forget to pay. Looks like your collections letter official document from twenty doors down Tony Tony Pennsylvania have in Washington DC. Speaking kidney it says I am a finalist you guys. And a Ford F 154 by four truck giveaway. At. Ayatollah tab there's like this. Mozilla and gauged it looks like a diabetes. Blood test your you just like taped to the paper and it says poll to activate which I'm nervous to do. And then burst you pulled this tab. And then I have to scratch. Some area here and then I called this gift department to immediately claimed my prop up its. Yeah hey your mute when one step farther army cannot see that I wouldn't in the even of open the envelope. I would never even invoke and it it's funny because you know she played at the address in the corner exit Pennsylvania Avenue Washington DC twenty doors down from the white house of the White House yeah I I. I guess it's. It was a White House six to 16100 yeah. Off 16100 but it is 2000 anyways not not far what is the address. I'll tell you what got me and I'm sure it's got a lot of people is the big red letters that say final attempt. What would was the first attempt I can working on line on my credit. So I've been making sure that when things come in the mail I'm not ignoring them so why aren't everything so that is one. If you're really working on your credit you know who you'll mine absolutely. So why would you seek to erode. Somebody at 20/20 Pennsylvania yeah well I'm not being ugly and just say in like when I was in that situation closer. I knew everybody day. Delta don't nickel rights and veterans that this full testing on the bullet. Hole aren't. I'll be over here don't. Undated what does it do it led and connected. It is dreaded. Lit up and read letters inning gives you six digit numerical code. I've never seen that that's a lot of money like I've got a key in the mail via our dad this is like higher level the key thing or the fake credit card that's not really. Preapproved credit card. Yeah yeah this is it. Notices. I've never seen anything like I now so there are at their game as far as. When he's on. The limit though only thing that really gets me to open and junk mail and Arnold Fiat noticed this two bit every now and then. I think people are hit they'll use the smaller squared envelopes. In the old granite in what appears to be a handwritten font. She gonna and that will always there really. Now it's a matter more square like a wedding invitation you know fast start is I'll get those and look handwritten. You know early on god is Andrea and me an invitation to psalm the giveaway for me is if it's not a first class stamp. Dad if it's like a third class stamp and into extra email at. I wouldn't even I went yeah. I Perry ago I'll play thank you. The morning coffee club. Oh good morning Aaron actually bring it is not about the out at an allotment there elder end but my husband and I got it out through a whole app. You did. I pulled the tab. And perhaps the thing and then you called the number what color a new truck. In Iraq as we're and they creator. But where and every thing. They're big company and I aren't that mark Abdullah a. They've a second third and fourth prize to be TV set up. Yeah I would open up the unity that we are not. But at any other act. I've. Rick or I'll let your app well what we Atwood is our happily crap out there. And it at our air and I'd be kind of annoying. And every aren't really you know what I haven't. I think. They are you an. I just looked over that whole thing in Milton. Damian the idea that it would be timeshare related. And you know our. There are at RE. But an out if you look at the bottom you like utter. Air. Act like report or see it better it out and Italy. So you got this same piece in the mail so what was it about it that you were like this looks sort of legit. I know I'm about what's going on with bats. I can't vote. I would ever look at how I look at it as a border I hoped that. Our band and open net and every other group but not without even knowing him and that they'll. Is that I'm tired. Power and write down here in the very lower left hand corner. Yeah it is a signature from a guy who is the general manager of the resort well and then Dallas side is a half a page of fine print the evolutionary jump through. Our day well. Gap Arnie how I. But it. Shouldn't let a lot of thought it out. It's nothing wrong. 222 WBE is our studio lying good morning and. Well. I I. I. Didn't and act as I. Do or. Don't say all right. It. Bert hey there. How many years are you on the hood. And. Whatever eight. He. Now. Art. About her at. All and yet they. It. At all or. I'm not about. It all up. Yeah. You are you aware that there are law firms now that specialize. In getting people out of these timeshare contracts. Again I explored explored that. Did add there's even locals. That sounds like just straight up robbery in. You know look I doubt it I eat a lot older. I. Am and where is. It app that in at about eight ill. Thought out. Help. It's it's all in the fine final ever reads yeah. And get. It out on it and never. Heard it I. Act I. You have buyer be Wear mantown series is a heart attack explorer. Those law firms. They are there are those that specialize. In specific really didn't you out of nerves. Timeshare deals. Correct your bronze breaking up thanks for the call. It will go to you next good morning be studio I. I am dictate and I thank Eric had a mainly out week a couple of things in the down IE eight I go between north and of course that was you know I Atlantic. The first violently completely he that cheap as bright that that at braille. It was basically a hot hot it would multiple army. But are there but. We had a we are not a game and that what we outlined at I kept the Florida. And what we figured we have to get their act out. Caliber. Now we did that I got quietly about an hour beer ate away and there are great but Gordon. Part of Portland courtroom and had a can be an employee is and then. And her court that act makes it I bet they. That means that we never get a lot. Yes you know it's funny you say that I was just on these guys off the hair I have a friend of mine. To knowingly plays the game he does a dance. And he goes on son he's always at some posh place whether it's in the Caribbean coastal Carolinas. Somewhere in Florida. Jamaica. He will do the time shared dance and he will sit through the seminars sit through that crap in won't Blige. And he cleans up but it's funny how they cut you laughter Dylan it. Alienware lacked the different partly that aren't flattening. They had LA there's like a really Rihanna Rihanna who's a little boy happened and she taught me how to get it. Yeah. Yeah yeah. We had great I mean it was like out I'd be blocked a could be a beautiful you know it like it. It's funny I mentioned that you know for every horror story while I don't know for every but I you do hear people who are able to take advantage of you know turn the tables on that the times are folks. It was and I don't want GAAP and are like welcome my balcony if you mentioned and pay him. I get up and up front area and they argue regard. Never been tried and not privately Galilee and activate it. You got flagged in the system lady are real and we are we do that when people into many prizes. And. I don't. And I'm.