BMCC-0612 Newman looks like Ellen

Tuesday, June 12th


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I'm gonna tell you that right now on done trying to be hip and cool with my clothes number last week I forget the context that we had a conversation. About canning didn't stuck in arise. With years fashion when Easter your life you know how are you just kind of a get stuck in your staying on how you look how you Wear your hair IP address. I was like you know. Santa makes an out Jeremy be a little more contemporary. And opt still really uncomfortable any time I do like it where something I normally would not don't think that's exclusive to Maine but. Added on top of that is yesterday. And I kind of thought this anyway and other times where I've tried to dress more modern. Whenever I attempt it. I swear to you I looked just like Ellen DeGeneres. Hopes of I'm not even lion man wearing light skin cancers of the round not an extra hour won't be skinny because I'm. A stubborn so I'll do the straight leg bit I've caught myself before like in his suit normally did you look like Alan. Your problems so yesterday on the delta sonic right Nino how they have the reflective windows. You know the waiting room or whatever his bright sunny day in a much in the homage to Al mock car Optiem did you got to monitor that bright as they got. And you know like I need that the right oversight for that. And I catch a glimpse of myself Motorola I wore yesterday well. Now fish I. Catch myself and then I commented I mean feat I've done it again got to stand up CIC problem like the shoulders. And the combination that Palin Kim Jong-un actually a bit. You feel like you know she news that's why. Either you're wearing those canvas wind yet it needs change to doctor serious issues. Here Brian hall. He's changed it up with issues. Fairly or that lasts. There I can go get some highlight used maybe I can get highlights in my hair and beer stunt double. Okay so I tell him he knew work and being it's funny she is yeah.