BMCC - 0612 THE SUMMIT !!!

Tuesday, June 12th


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Hello holy smoke. Can't believe it did he do it. Did he do what it took shape like Danny now I don't know I. Before this summit is so I didn't get to see you know dead the late news and I wake up this morning. And I haven't seen anything overwhelmingly negative. The F presidency and the president of North Korea signed a one page agreement that no it's really seen yet. Public vaguely apparently calls for our North Korea to get rid of Alex nuclear weapons. And we will provide what is being called. Security guarantees to the north Koreans. Wow. President trump held a news conference at about 2:30 this morning in Singapore outlining. How the summit went. I didn't think he was gonna happen to be honest with you even yesterday afternoon as Russell still follow apartment holy smoke now. They got together I was watching news is pretty. Pretty exciting to watch on TV actually is the two is it two gentlemen met they are crossed. A little courtyard in the hotel shook hands for about fifteen seconds. And then you know and then this posturing who's gonna lead who Wear. He had put his hand on the on the shoulder of the North Korean president said let's go this way. Rather than the North Korean guys seeing him there were on the show here by empowerment again wasn't powerful and I. And I watched it I bet I've got ahead this countdown till 9 o'clock. And so they do that they go and they let the press and they sit there for a minute and many kicks the press out and it goes back to your regular programming. What we would usually watching. That's it for awhile you know early 20/20 five minutes and then they kind of kick the media owl yeah. The cable networks stayed with a straight through dead Beckel zealot I've watched it till about 11 o'clock. Note thirteen lamp and Alia who that's gone. For her. That really innate and TJ means the bachelor game. Man over AirTran today consume as much as I can. In the wake the North Korean summit last night and I'm just so there hair looked in as a picture of the supreme leader wearing a make America great again hat that was the highlight. I'm kidding TJ it's like I. Well. This building false statement big news now ranked. The other thing I was idly curious about Ambien now I'll consume the political ended this. I had some point but I was and arrested six year. You know all good documentaries I tell ya watch on North Korea I don't know that I've ever heard him speak. Come John Noonan. With sound of his voice. There was a those are they get together after the meaningless and which we could hear him speak before his words and translated. Far right every gamer myself. I would look very honored to sign the document thank you. And and if that's forward and straight here. The use of the new. As kind of a deep raspy voice for young guy. And now I get it like when I do remote somebody to come up to mainland you don't look like he sent gas said he doesn't sound like he looks either yeah. As the old grouchy mean and full of Uganda's thirty. Unbelievable. Man this is just amazing. I don't non or even know what to think about it I'd just you know I just. We live in a world so it's constant commentary. Nino and I mean I just. I know I'd I didn't know what to expect coming out of this and on Enron would like waiting for an end boulder drop. And that's so weird that I feel that way. Today I don't know it's. It's just interesting to me like I wanna see because I know people are out they're going and there's another side and I liked. Take all sides like I know people are again like Twitter today is gonna tell us why this was. Horribly wrong. And I just I'm curious in this is interesting is this big enough to distraction to fire Moeller. I think guys here I thought well I'm just candy and don't at all. Yeah hey. You know as the morning goes on we're learning more and more about summit. Last night with. North Korea. It's it's funny. House just an innocent so how's. Your average conversation about a new easily you know looked up that hotel. Yet. Woods is looking nice Capello. Yes is what it's called aged and I was wondering if people who were in that hotel many guests of the hotel on vacation. And to vacate because of the summit where they were able to stay in your world economic scene know. They've got to get out of there probably apply and note that on my god if we didn't make them clear it. All share the paranoid North Korea ass I can't bring his own toilet literally Reba re booked probably hopes up elsewhere. And I know I just looked at that hotel did you know in Singapore. This visited Singapore. It's illegal to chew gum and public. Like the they're they have such a litter free initiative there bed it's illegal to chew gum and Bob. Doesn't surprise me. This says this and why should have visit capella Singapore. Litter free zero graffiti and absolutely no chewing gum in public. Strict laws ensure that Singapore's streets are clean are beyond clean. On me dank cells like Mac and a plate. Cardigan and now. No smacking the now at the bottom yet trust them. Now you look like you're doing lol what are the safest cities in the world too but. Yes that's that's interesting to me because. He's even as safe as they tell me I am the students feel like I was in danger. No matter how they let him. You've got being in danger in the streets of Toronto for grand dad and deposit melted and as a day that's like the most American city outside our borders. Autism paranoid there what's it cost this join had wondered if I looked it up a 600 bucks in the night for the entry level room. When you look at par RV park no. So not a I just thought that was hey wait a report that comes just. I thought that was kind of low you did or DK is they have Mara log of six on engine night Bono. I'm surprised that I mean it's not affordable but as surprise and it's only you know 15100 bucks tonight. In what did you say about his toilet. Yet to break his own well he always brings it to the North Korean leader yeah act Kim Jung Yoon own the a line and they picked up you know they kept saying that different the only time he was afraid. That people would inspect what was in the toilet if you're aiming and like find out about is how. We do that tip. The Newsweek United's Secret Service. This is so disgusting but we do that too. Yeah. We know our facility yes anything's being left behind by a head of state is captured in returned states. Not left anywhere for the same reasons. Yes I'm and now I'm no good night. Thank you.