BMCC-0620 Tiger surgery at Seneca Park zoo

Wednesday, June 20th


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Species SE and new exhibit Tony here calls about it that's pretty cool. And then of course sling bank. That newer and newer. Region exhibit lawyers visited okay. Can you use the talking to advance deep and you tied to a guy who was once co hosted civilization. The immediate access. The my love for the zoo runs deep you cut me I believe the blood they exude animals that can. Zoo did that Zetterberg and. Did you see the ad man aside yesterday. Iron off followed couple different riders for the DNC on Twitter is dizzy and couple cool nuggets every now and then. I'm trying to and that's a better way for me to consume news without didn't diarrhea. So you know I mean it just you watch TV and it's just how can we make you. Nervous Barack. So I just figure I can now I just get a little briefing. And sweater. And scroll through it the link I was post in pictures. Of this thing they showed on the news last night he was Baird they did the public. Health screening for our tiger. Oh yes I did see that yeah that also was kind of neat well yes the age Lou how are tiger. I am what we had they had used denies one of our tigers. It's on last year year before I forget the we lost once of their pay in extra special attention to. The remaining her name escapes me. And so they did. Welfare check you know medical exam on the tiger and I guess they euthanized nine euthanized said. And it and asked that size. This tiger. And it's land on this table and they went through did a dental cleaning unranked and tried it though that danger room blood. That they invited. The public to come watch it is educational thing. And I'm sitting there watch as I know they've done this a thousand times these are trained professionals but what's your safety net here. What's your plan B what's your safety net there. Because I was looking is that tiger lay limp on that table I was trying to see if they it's. Beat her legs were restrained in any way to seven and then you'll hear some wacky story about some body wake and hundreds surgery mimic written tubes out of themselves. And this is the last thing I want awaken. From me scraped and plaque operates the is this tiger. So they have to had. Like I'm like one syringe that like the holy crap in case of interagency and check this like a big. Yeah in red button I don't I guess it doesn't seem to be it looks like. Like you are taken out produce that's how calm they lock. Doing that yeah I was obviously the most nervous person has had that procedure they seemed to have it under control but I thought it was a cool move Agassi had a pretty good crowd Ford to cut Tia. 275. Pounds thirteen years old yet well that's why I was late where's your backup plan.