BMCC-0620 TJs reaction to her birthday cake

Wednesday, June 20th


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It IDB today. Not only is it TJ's. Birthday today and also our director of first impressions. If you've ever visited our radio station maybe you've won a prize come here for one reason or another. Your me very likely to see Mary. Who would die if she knew I was talking about her on the radio right now. But she is just a wonderful. Asset to this company and dear friend of mine and wish them both of these. Happy birthday are right let's do the big presentations ladies and gentlemen we are proud to welcome. Acted to be a long time friend. From cakes back caring and it is Kerry are. We were. Wondered why it. And its theme can we do it and for TJ's birthday cake and can't with care in the possibilities. Are. Almost limitless he's very talented one so I had a couple ideas I thought they were Super Bowl marine. So last send out text message to the staff. It was a Hague as I got a couple ideas for Caron bay are kind of blame woody LT. In Terry Clifford. Harry Clifford. Volunteered this way and as soon as she says it knows like what an idiot. Why did not taken that. Really end I was like wait didn't we do this last year. But it wasn't. This is. Fresh news being. Beyond that meant to beat our Mel. Betty yeah box camera and William. And boy and. She paired. CJ sweet. Bus will die I even am. And it's guys an overabundance of our. Parking ticket in the windshields. And the city of raw rage or parking violations bureau. Yeah Dave's legendary booting. On spring. Well. It's good stuff and perfect you know. They're beautiful. Are you thinking I'd sinners the idea and she replied back with a picture of a card and Newton's exists and it was. Six under and throughput that. What did. What do we do last year new. I think it's been thoroughly and began membership is have my dad was going that that it's banners that that's is hysterical. Do you think. And lest anyone not know the back story here you know TJ missed responsibility. The messed up and everything being done messed up. The I got some tickets and ignored them with idiot and then nine came out of work one day and there was a boots. On my car so a forty dollar parking violation Costner how much in the end. 800 dollar and one guy. See you tonight dictate terms. Well.