BMCC-0620 Why dont we give NEW artists a chance?

Wednesday, June 20th


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Anybody hears the Garth Brooks on his new son yet dead. Haven't heard it yet. Will. Have some fun with it later this morning. Issuing probably do it after the news. On I just found something in interesting. And I'm notices before bed for whatever reason it was. It's more obvious to me remember yesterday when we played a clip but Clinton. Less then. Well seconds. AJ. McLean. New countries on dude from The Backstreet Boys put a country song out. And I just to realize went in country music fans. Have little zero. Patience. When it comes to. Here in science from people they don't. Deals should be included and I just think we played that banquet BSE sometimes after the show I'll go back and look at the text line. It is Tennessee would know how people responded to different things. And we played that 122 clip I don't even think got finished it because we were catching heat. Because it was said so bad people said. I'm not Dolan and people urges. She reading a fitness. Off the air in them like dude you've heard force. Like we didn't even really get into the lyrics. And people immediately crap on it and think about how many times this has happened whether it's been Steven Tyler her you know intermediary anybody that's come along. And tried to to put a new sign people have no patience for new music in fact Billy did Billy used Garth Brooks is new song on his. Music feature yesterday yes people. Trapped on Garth Brooks air it. What is this crap is so look stupid good good turn off. Real end. In Billy replied I this is guards they're like okay. Policy. That's a question is an honor those that need to think that new music featured remember this from work in it when it was doing seven to midnight here when I first started. I did in new music feature. And basically that's just it a common enemy segment. Yeah so it's like once in a blue moon and you'll be like yeah that's a good son. It's more like oh my gosh here's something I can trap on real quick math on about flat. My game but it's just funny noses that has to play in two. While no. And pass the play into the lack of women might why can't new women artists get any traction in country music room. But why do we have 900 days there are kind of the same cars. Yeah a similar. That tend to be fluently. At people have no patience when it comes the in new music if it's from somebody they don't know. In order a mile how long's it take like a song will be it will hit number one in we've been playing it for six months. But kitty chassis can put at a news on and it debuts there right. And is very. It preloaded you go to. It's it's it's you know thwarted Georgia lines started different and they are now. You know what I mean they fit the mold a little bit I mean with cruise it was kind of belittle. Blasts. Hit poppy than it is now like they're newer stuff is a lot more upbeat but. We've already embraced that people are from new chairman there are ready ours right so now they can put out any. While they aren't. They put out anything they want to so AJ Maclean. She wants to do similar type stuff as Puerto door to line. And so he's. Class he had already cashed out he 88 he had twelve seconds to do not only failed.