BMCC-0625 Business idea: "Uber" for moving stuff

Monday, June 25th


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We're talking about Z brew I went Friday I almost didn't make it. It was during rush hour I'm driving down 49 these guys I truck somewhere dropped. A rough the latter off the back. And I hit it along with several. Other people you really traffic's. How bumper to bumper UPS word became just take your breaks everybody behind his gonorrhea you know. Your tale land so. I drove over it everybody behind me drove over it. And I was like oh no no no no no no I look about a quarter mile up one to fourteen cars with flat tires pulled over to the right hand side. Because of this rescue ladder that dropped out and the guy was gone I don't know PU or girl out they knew they lost that out of the back. But I just feel terrible for everybody that I how I made it is Hebrew. How my tire go flat but several people dead. Style. What I supposed to deal and so I guess they are part I call my husband who just by the way gay but you wheel bearings and stop on the band he's like oh man. Listen get under their go under the ban in the parking lot of Seneca park still. He's like he yelled yeah you can have this leaking and that we can't I think I'm okay. Think DeMarre but several several other people were not. Feel terrible. And what he did it you don't know who dropped it. Answered I'm just shocked you didn't try to salvage a ladder and sailor line up. That are on ruptured Rochester for general Powell derives now. I don't let that latter did it may mean and they probably should be kept going as they find out who it was it would mean they would have to paid their insurance how are they gonna find out. Them. As foreign I eighty east near gates. And let me tell you there were a ton of people who had it. Time it was vertical right to the middle lane. Are there can't. Power we and then get to the bottom of this who's latter was the perpetrators to. Yeah. Now may be. You know it sometimes how businesses will spray paint their name on the latter yeah I think he he done did anybody think to inspect the latter. Is it still laying in 490 there's no. There trust me to be pushed to the side of the road who's gonna pick it up and take it well. I. They get another free business idea if anybody wants it it just came demean I was reflecting nine had a conversation we just haven't DJ. She is headed to zoom through Friday a and somebody lost the latter on 49 Indian upwards of a dozen cars ran over that being flat tires all over the place. And without knowing all the facts. I profile situation you know the midair thing to do absolutely so I just imagine this latter. Them was loosened on 49 B I just have this feeling it was one of these situations where you see like a Dodge Neon. And and somebody had no other options of a bungee that ladder to the roof yeah. I'm telling it. I swear I saw it once or twice over the weekend but this is my favorite thing. As you know I've run 390. Multiple times a day Livan and ammonia working in this city you know I mean Teresi at all. Must favorite news at last say it's. Somebody's gonna get heard one day but when these people with diesel compact cars will go match or shopping club yeah. And not try to secure their mattress to the litter their card but they'll lonely put like one row. In the middle of the mattress. And security at night you know on the windows down tired underneath. In the end as they get on the freeway not only the eagle on 45 with bad thing bins back up because of the air. Asinine you got this like Nike swoosh you look in Majerus yeah. The situation going down for ninetieth on my guy manages. Makes me crazy in a driver always has his or her hand out the window trying to hold it down our wow that's gonna work I've seen that move also would like lumber I've seen drywall. On top of these cars and and yet you rarely if they're gusto way eighteen Wheeler comes by your arms really in his. I've seen them do that at Home Depot and then they stick their little orange flag on the back like an hour ago they college. Itself. Mom moneymaking idea we got a new bird eats now right when you don't even that he can cause. Number he still brings food from and why don't we have like gut instead a list we have lug. I just some thin like where you can I gotta get this. Blatter. The gap from point eight point lead and I'll I have is old wagon bug. You know how you get a balance and on top of that staying so it's like lifter Hoover you punch in your phone like 88 dollars well that's better than. The coming loosened on 49 the end ruining the day a fourteen year neighbors around this and that. Yes. I got to come up with Wayne Hummer ideas and that is the.