BMCC-0625 Newman is confused. Launder vs. Dry Clean ???

Monday, June 25th


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I just ask these two Austin they've visited dry cleaner. And I got about the answer. I thought I would give it. Yeah every every couple weeks is so for me and I own. Little to no stuff that needs dry cleaning up. You strike cleaning I I put it right back on the Iraq. Remain if it's tough to launder or anything like that. Just how I shop you'll buy it I just don't buy it via. Hang it right back out. Look at WNYUS. Look I don't like once every two or three months and it usually costs me a lot of money is not take and everything it wants on lawsuits. Altering a business they all used to achieve well. And they don't Al hard over there now bay you know I had my suits from the early two thousands late ninety's and I got some. Little more contemporary now that I am and seeing things in public again and anyway so I think I'm getting ripped off here when you go. Do you like I get so confused you know when I'm ordering it to dry cleaner it's like Emmitt the window and OT EB. I have a loose idea of what I want to accomplish while I'm standing here. I get nervous when they start asking me all these options and images okay. But is there any reason. In church should cost mean. 32 dollars. Is that reasonable since three dollars to drag clean each year three twining. Burgess. And pressure. Because I don't know I think Jeb is they're like when they see do you want that laundered. Think what he wasn't listening and longer and dry clean up the drag. They both give my shirt clean. Well I need is so I just get nervous and say OK. And they hammy mines stack that. I was here and then I show up and it's like I gotta take out it's all alone in finance and am dry cleaning. I'm not really. Well of course you want it laundered. I I would say the you know I look worse they do you know the difference. Rustling something being laundered in something being dry clean is it the same thing I have no clue. They're two different prices. Should we ask Julia I assume she's the one that picks it's. Why do bring shirts and but I've never thought of it that way you're. You know it gets press certainly but that's not part of the laundering in dry clean and I just don't wanna look reddish marks only go OK see you Thursday we'll show you know see what happens when you say no now don't don't liner it to strike just can't get there and I'll be back what would they crested dirty shirt then. Is a hero iron to dirty shared that stinks and it's going to be their dry cleaned the word clean. In his game that dry cleaning. I know now so. And I get we think and yeah I can and I am getting ripped up Robin didn't ripped off like. Since I started bolting. At. Which are beginning to step. Up. Don't get anything dry clean. Are you surprised. That I have nothing I try to clean really pattern not feed bust at that or no varsity letter jackets this. Year to two WBE good morning and. Jeremy should come under herb went strike cleaner we will under his shirt ninety by the knee. It lodged. Crap on a metal crap. Whereas right leaning on his dry cleaning machine where I solvent. Two very different thing. You know when I lived in the city's 1000 off park avenue and wins was my joint they were very cool to me there they let me watch the demolition of that bank. From inside okay yeah if I can ask you one of the questions so you don't need have you assured both laundered in dry cleaned. No let the man that shirt you're only getting it wandered. Into it they'll order when men are ringing I'm. That it had to be directly to am happy. Go to assure quandary. So audience in mind yeah. About that polyester. To polyester. And a lot of my locker com. And then from Iraq I did store. Home. Later. Her arm and sneaky man am not a problem. Does it mean you asked about looters that'd and on what what year rated thing that. You next time there. Between I wanna. Wandered in order it or are there like let off on. Are or why it. End practice but it is palpable. And it went in math. Are are. I'm still confused I was honored is what you can do home potentially are where. All okay so I can potentially. On their own shared notes are at in changes take it to haven't pressed. It. And I think that maybe men. Good thank. You more important night in my language understood that part of the I think you. Well. The morning and you did any help. I. Rally at a Andre era okay. All the corporate. Are talking about meaning every morning and I actually where partner. It sure that you're talking now only Anke I am and you bring into my daughter Britney went. You get them she didn't. Mom pay in 321 me you're getting ripped off. That seemed to be here like in par with people who were seen in a minute ago right now. Try brat night Karen Allen and score at home that's. Later and I'm an immigrant and went on strike and I prevent. An amber you can do. This is only ten minutes. And plugged. In because he's. A competitive game. It's like anything yet announced. I don't either on. Our. Well thank you we encourage everyone to visit her parents dry cleaner. Should they do a fine job over there. The name's gates meeting may have rated down I know we've had so many calls. Announced that accurately do you even have a nine iron a year now of course I have an iron in an ironing board and using it absolutely. On their time outs applicable house's. My husband's shirts my daughter's uniforms. Things like that but I don't have a ton of fancy stuff that Rick. Irons. That kind of laundering. And I just as Wii where button down dress shirts. A lot that's the ball kind of way they have to because Yang Yang you know I'll try to get two wears it somewhere and coat. I can multi where he in the Summers the way ask wet forget about it at the I need those chemicals and a dry cleaning and and who didn't these things you know what else get him. And its first thousand out for Pete's sake. But I have a good rapport with the staff in my dry cleaners being going there for years and years in the lady. Like when I take must Dustin but she gives me a little talked hinted in she can she's earn this. Authoritarian role in my life really she's a do not. If you come back in here to pick these up without the tickets. It's going to be your rear end wow. And you know she's not being malicious site just we have that kind of reports she's a listener many years. And I it's that like a bomb on my way my direct leaders in Genesee. And I can be like and have Monica oh crap. I don't even go in Berry hey can you look Obama. I'll go homing get my. Tickets after it got them and you know at the big deal Liz is the one where I go I'm like the only person. It's a customer there that's not an employee of the corrections. I department so solution firefighter chief should be able to identify your stuff just by stepping. On that bus and all spinning and around. You got that being inundated one more I go she manages the but and is liked to you know everything's common in his prison. Cut us off then on like those stains keep them in business on the you know going to be entice you got to say hey look he'd be a little bit cleaner yeah. We're making way too much money and.