BMCC-0713 How old are your clothes??

Thursday, July 13th


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I think about it mentally goes through what's in your jurors. And chest of drawers and your closet. And think about. The article of clothing. That. You still way there. But you've had for a long time and sit in nearly TJ yesterday right but. And I know it's late it's in the 9 o'clock hour and you know brought it out she's like you know this year it's twenty years old. Bartlett islands in New York sales like twelve when he used to held on to that church for twenty years. I still aren't. I don't promised myself I'd ever be that person you'd be surprised I have the oldest close. Problem bye you sure every once in awhile but there's still those you would have been able to tell. I measure with twenty years old nine on the basic but once she told me like yeah. Yeah looks that looks late ninety's I mean to me. Yeah I went through my I mean just thinking about Ireland to in my closet last night and the best I can come up like you and I threw away in my high school letter jacket. I had donated that it could well I am I not heard stuff you buy it I have a hoodie. And I still Wear the university of Texas Longhorns have already given to me about my friends Lewin sandy I met when I first moved here. They gave it to me for Christmas in 2005. And I still aware that I'll mail that's my three oldest one. I have us. I have a couple suits. This thing is as I have a tendency to Pacman robber may think of these huge rubber maids. And then I got pregnant with my with my oldest and I packed everything him rubber meets the body with a wig he's against them day. That I got pregnant and myself get pregnant when my third then you just get excited that you can still fit in the stuff. So you Wear funny it had Beagle padded shoulders I'll let did it.