BMCC-0713 Table Manners

Thursday, July 13th


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With your kids are you a stickler for yours table manners that are. Is it just a free for all at dinnertime it's not a free for all but I wouldn't call myself a stickler. I have one that likes to watch up when she's eating for whatever reason like put her knees up on her chair. We have to be about her chair in the knees against the ticket would have been a beating a our house grown and beat it just sit your feet on the floor so I'm a stickler about that says she's in the chair like a catcher. That's so she's like basically put her fork over her own knee eating and bringing the food back over her own need to get to our map. That's interesting yeah one day she's going to be on a date. Some days gonna take her out to eat a little she's going to be sitting there like that he's a Lil bit but in the bud by then gamma on my whole family like we couldn't have elbows on the table. My mom's big scene was butts and backs. Yeah but in your bag had to both be touch in the chair. Like you William and forwards are that. Outages and grossed out I don't watch that show Big Brother. But it was on last nine knows flipping through channels. Some of last night till. Did you happen to see they were eating in this dude is Satan here. In shoo in with his mouth open topped him with a mouthful of food. And I'm like who raised you and her mom would have beat this patty unknown. I mean I want to finishing school so I'm very class I see when ninety mare has beaten the seed school.