BMCC-0714 Agree or disagree? Same food, different taste

Friday, July 14th


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You're talking earlier this morning about that bridal store. Album is an engine that oh he had. And why is baggage news that mighty taco closings in Greece nobody said a word about it. Well. I don't know that that's causing bright zillow has all over the place. Yeah and that's true but I know mighty taco Dick clothes yes and if people were that upset about it. It would probably. Wouldn't have needed. Great. In one after saw that it was job just as soon and design I never go to the one I think it's on Ridgeway was on Ridgeway. I never go to that one has some ma I'm in Henrietta more than on the gallery so when I go to mighty taco. It's that one and went after shredded those. Would yeah but it when it tried never eaten and one I never ate at the one in buffalo. And I don't get it when people say that that mighty taco. Are mighty tacos or are now mighty taco taste different. And the one in buffalo well. This is a bold things in their common source of the mighty taco really picked us to me it's like a quarter pounder. I get a quarter pounder here or I get one in Utica or I get one in Biloxi. It's gonna taste the same. And I just assume that would be the case with with the mighty I don't taco. His world but I have been you know might the only when we're on the road we are McDonald's content source. And I have email. There are several McDonald's that do not taste as good as some others it's just the fact it's the same stuff. Did the math sauce whether they. Dean did case willed their friend. Okay they put it together different. It's not a difference about it all comments I understand that dog comes and how can in the same sentence he played both sides of the coin. What's that because you sent out those are just people that think you know I don't. And I come here to weigh in an effort did to make the same point yes I dead about McDonald's. Because I am I'm still argue and with people. On the text line. It's ridiculous. To saint. Blount currency it's ridiculous. You know these people say mighty tock go in buffalo taste different and are mighty tide goes. Dan I don't get it McDonald's is McDonald's no TJ claims it won McDonald's tastes different than the next guests are in turn in their claims today. One apple leads the taste different than another Applebee's. But their chains. They all ordered the stuff from the same people. It comes. It's prepared the same way that's what makes city changed you mean it's only if you go have. A buffalo chicken sandwich at the distillery time at mount hope. And then you go to the distillery on went and and ordered the same buffalo chicken sandwich is gonna taste different. No. Not the. Well the distillery might be added to bets that the closer cluster here. I'm talking like dud. That Applebee's where their all over the place and god knows who's. Yeah they started warming up they start up preparing the chain is a chain is a change on Dahlia case different. Once you pull late taste different and another yes if you get Dunkin' Donuts coffee. 81 store and will it taste different and Dunkin' Donuts copy and another's door you're just I know the donuts dale. I know I have my favorite Duncan's. It's true are you hi. I have not been eating make up I have Manila that's acts. 9409. Do studio Tex signed him and it doesn't taste this aim. Buffalo is the original super mighty it's so much better. IRA. My Stanley thinks the dude is better at the Rochester. Dinosaur barbecue in the Syracuse won this Dexter says. Okay bank us okay when here until those tastes different based on location this techsters that. Yeah like that's when you're telling me if you buy two steaks from the same store and have two different shafts it'll taste the same. It's not gonna happen that might stake a taste better than yours. That's not when it seemed to fear it chain store a com is. You've prepared day in recipes the same meat comes marinated the same it's there's no. One blind coach it Applebee's. Is included in his own. Slayer. Two in it's a corporate code but have worked in these restaurants. But. People can still make it taste different they can screw it up. In an olive garden increase as far better than any other local olive garden Docomo I am now India. I agree with TJ on the Duncan down yeah I got my favorite places right now they're flash. It tastes better. Back off the DOT. Gary meet strict some Dunkin' Donuts absolutely. Line. What Needham for directory. While others absolutely love no. Bahrain yeah trust me on this there's one thing my family knows its chain restaurants fast but is that. Jerry had pizza hide in Canada pizza city's tastes the same. But the beer was better and now. Beer tastes like whiskey in Canada we on the that. Applebee's is not the same everywhere I go under the Canon they will Applebee's all the time and it's never the same. I whenever we're right you're wrong I like many people agree with me before but. We morning coffee club. Are. Them well let's go to. I got a call on you at. All it ain't it. All. That would carpet. With the same ingredients the same instructions in both of them followed this a recipe to the T. Out. And make it a Kirk and our own. You're not in our right now. OK let's just say are you familiar with the blue apron food service. Oh OK it's one of these services where they send you today angry DNC and instruct step by step instructions to continue to make fancy meals right. OK so if I am a customer you're a customer in TJ's a customer and we all get the same ingredients. Andy used the same amount ends follow the recipe to the letter. I would screwed mine up and it would taste like to. I I am mine would die I guarantee mine which case the worst out of the story. You're oh. Why it wouldn't. Matter. Who want it you are or have. You know now. Okay and I'm I'm uncomfortable with this people disagreeing with me. At. All. All right well said thank you are. Your next in morning. And many. Jeremy I have to disagree with you and it tanked and I did. Its bit. Well if you don't I can't pitch in big panel that in the wake of Florida. Every time topic and it tastes different because when you interpret the south it would be different spike they waited. And it definitely that anger at the same. But the stock hit it definitely difference. So they have regional spices. And that there may not indifferent and also. If you get it cannot be valid. In the outback and it is. So much better than the one hand Albany. Until we knew people militants already. This is different depending on where you dial. It is. Tapped out young win and a day and thank you so much so that it outright I have a good day to you but I.