BMCC-0714 Highway Merging debate settled

Friday, July 14th


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But later on this afternoon was postseason sunshine. The high of around eighty degrees. A desk you deaths when you see a lane closure on the highway. Like maybe half mile ahead of before it Blaine actually is closed. Do you move over immediately like a release are you. A last minute bijur. Did do it as soon as you see the sign. Or do you wait until you're right up until lanes ready to close. To tens of Simon Larry honestly can't. Not to be honest you know me I don't like to. Ruffle feathers I don't like to draw unnecessary attention to myself it. So yeah most stopped and overwhelmingly. Like after example 39 B they get construction on my way home. And though closed the left lane off so often times they'll be aligning cars back. And are you talking about people that'll drive to the last all. Clearly people are what eighteen and get mean lying in and then there's people who go right up there right lane and budget and. Most often in our world fall in line with the others just as I don't wanna be that person but I have to say. There are times when people just won't let you win when you try to get in even way back it's the end they just like stay on the bumper. It's like come on you all and now we all have to get in here. This is why they think it's a rude. When it's actually because that's what I feel I feel. Half mile. To get over to the left lane you wait you wanna get why you think you're gonna get there quicker. I'll show you ways but doesn't that you've shown them doesn't that backfire on you can visit because it surely they're gonna pass you up and get in. In the front and use. And I always scratch meant to him because if people would let people live. I just think that the the math on it I guess yes would accelerate gains. As when you have to stop in the way somebody is. Yeah I don't know. Yes. It's actually I found out I got to the bottom of it because I've I'm like you know what I'm the polite person here I'm the one who got over early. I'm not the bijur. And it ends up that. The reason traffic gets backed up is because people like me. Yen because of people like me who think we're doing the right thing we're backing up traffic. It ends up you're supposed to go right up until Blaine ends and do the zipper. You're not supposed to really get over early you're supposed to appear in Elian's stay in that lane according to who entertaining. Okay pat is a morning news anchor is he traffic injured and I don't know this is according to an article that I. He got to the bottom of it was at his good question. This. Because I'm like is it just me and it's I'm not the only one I'm thinking all well I'm I'm I'm the one who's been polite. The situation that they gets my goat and I'm curious what traffic situation makes you most angry and where. In our town because every day on my way home. I get on four and ninety from the inner loop here. And you enter in that lane engines. As you have to merge last to get over and people that are in that right lane. I can't tell you how many times I've had did jam on my breaks and almost come to a complete stop because people don't see that that lane ends or they just don't wanna let's end. End until you at least three times a week I'm almost put into defense. Over there yeah I know they got so they're doing Iran until. Yeah I don't know I. I think brawn the entire time I don't okay. I asked I don't agree with that Cheney he's no no no that's rude to cut. It's no different than when you go to Darian lake what's the difference instead get an at the end of the line you're gonna walk all the way up to the front now that's for you this zipper. Now that's room. Martin in the morning coffee club. Eight is commenting about the construction Elaine merging and yeah. I open the highway designer they're design that people don't or merge early so that everybody merges. Cold but the and that we delay income come through. All right so I'm all right so there's been designed that way she knows now the I you know. There is documentation. And it supports would vote to viewers saying and I just can't agree with that. Eight iron I inserted. In my heart. Yeah but we would know I mean he's. Designing these thing I don't know what it in my mind if somebody doesn't let you win okay and you wait till the last minute and there's cones there whatever what are you gonna have to do if somebody doesn't let UN with the zippers. You're either gonna have to go through the cones or come to a complete stop and that is the last thing you wanna do on the expressway. A library. We have captured it a lot. As we learned at an early age that budging in line is bad that I write don't they lied to wait your turn. At least that there aren't there. But even lower trapped a public Europe all right well we're just an amen have to pull Lou we're just gonna have to agree to disagree card but. I'll wait and audio banks.