BMCC-0714 How country artists duet live without the other

Friday, July 14th


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For Brad Paisley there. That fighter with Keith Urban Carrie Underwood. What does he do. On tour. When he sings that song. I don't know. Does he have like a back had seen her come on enjoin him. Foreign those leasing the whole song. By himself yeah that would be weird I traded concerts where they do the duets and just. Go solo at that he had that's would Thomas threats Dylan with craving new. That's by the way in new number one sign in the country is doing when Mary Morris. Thomas ran it seems that the entirety of that signed by himself. And hang on somebody's text end here. Claiming they keys sings with a video. He does so video of scary. Me and he sings along live with it. I don't know if I sit here listen. Like hologram. Seats that's that's up stuff I think about during the signs of what you want this curious thinking out loud wondering what Jeter and does on tour. When. The fighter comes up in a set list. As he seen the song all by himself would it would just be weird. I that's what Thomas written does with craving new on his Stewart. And and it's overwhelmingly. Not a coming in overwhelmingly on the text message today keys. Sings along with the video scary like we said before some Smart Alec says the image he facetime scary. And holder to a microphone. Just hoaxes found out there that's funny. Iran to have what do and wait on trying to think of others. What is colts win builds colts' window seemed flat liner. By himself Hampshire asked to write rhino Brantley sings small town throw down which is real bomb that's Thomas read Justin Moore and Ben Brantley Gilbert. And over at least in the whole thing by himself into last summer that wouldn't be weird to me that's all eyes right. Yeah. Saw Miranda. I know she has duets with people and she didn't use a screen last summer Kenny. We just Nancy met last summer I don't remember him using a screen for anything so he does the paint sung by himself you know after hurting do. The oh years ago the last the most sought chest and it's been a while. But it was the human tequila with that. Grace the grace potter is potter. And I can't remember if she was there are nine. You want to do with them last summer I wanna say somebody else saying. The female part of that it wasn't her oh I can't remember I had too many Beers. He had towards the end I had a ride that year. People are texting in in 94092. Said Tim McGraw used to seeing with the screen with the Taylor swift's on. All highway don't care. Armed Brad Paisley does. Seems to have video pardon me the client. I get choked we're up read the text messages. I've Brad when he does remind me he seems to a video of Cary. Evidently he did it it's seen Mac. Last year. What this Brantley do what is the. Dirt road anthem he sings the whole thing he does the well Fuller part COLT Ford was on tour with them last summer so COLT did come out. But when I saw him. A couple years before you know it's. I'd greatly missed Brantley Gilbert he's dissing the whole thing by himself. A chance leasing that paint sung by himself. Nobody he has sole many songs I don't even think he sang it. Less Summers seem act. Just one after the Adele have screens with videos play behind them but I he didn't sing along with anyone. We're right when night where I grew. The rodeos a big deal Houston livestock show and rodeo it's two weeks it's a list concerts every night. And mom mom and arousal kid was a huge stand. Oh gosh Linda Ronstadt. At hand. My mom left turn Barbara Mann drown him why Arab remember this day. I remember going into the rodeo and it was the first time I saw somebody scene with the hologram. In this is on tucked in mid eighties I wanna say maybe now. You know it lies I take it all Spanish music gadgets saying that Sox are not home match -- calls yet that yeah. He's saying that's on Linda Ronstadt right yet. Okay somewhere. I saw him perform. That I've got my home home. Went to a hologram of up to earth in error that was like probably early hologram. Home technology. Yeah I ever marry it was a big deal when. Cole. Win Natalie Cole saying with her father and a bad you to he had a duets album. She did it and I had that. I commend felt plays seem act tomorrow and I she's been missing that frozen song without. Olof yeah without all the characters ski. My kids are so mad that I didn't get tickets to that. On people say Jason now being uses a hologram for his song with Kelly Clarkson. He uses a hologram or screen. Yeah. You know the difference of course ideal okay yeah. Kenny Chesney. Ride out some young female to seeing the pain parts. That sounds dirty. They'll take that out a contest any wine. And yeah AEA yet seen this do says sometimes they bring their openers out I forget the son Blake had to do way this went to was this on dash. That'd son he did with Marie and this was. I don't know probably 434 years ago when saw Blake did Darian and he had that chick from the voice. I do marine and as part his back up scene when asked of Sebastian. And whom do them on. And take you come didn't. Overwhelming. Compliments here from iron leveled impersonation. Was spot on that pretty us that's only thing I can. I don't know how (%expletive) up. Don't know apple won't match nailed it popped nailed it.