BMCC-0807 If Newman comes up missing.....

Monday, August 7th


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They're my week off I was at the 7-Eleven. In Livonia. And I'm pumping gas right. In this day and comes up to me is like hey are you knew Lynn. And it might be bad who actually had did not stick where it depends busy don't you money who will do it's tenement you know I don't. I like. It is like got paid in my grandmother's. Big standing years. And next Monday's her birthday. It would be all right a fossil owned by your house and picked you up and brought you over to her house to wish her happy birthday. That's the first. Home do what I must say right I mean it is on my grandmother just lunge outages just wanted to it would make her days I. In a money you're going to be big unions again Hillary live. Warm. So what was that in due saws leg while I mean check my schedule that happened today it's today in the deal has been a night. Make NJ were still line right we're still line because eighty I mean I just handed out my phone numbers on the gas bombs hit a grandma's face time. Did you face time on earth can you just caller stay happy birthday no bay. Really sorry. I babble worked for me. That's crazy. This stranger hey yeah lesson there's nothing wrong. I'm sure they'll find but still. I don't know. I don't want to help the dude out I'm Millwood I love my grandmother and we go to the ends of the world to make her happy but I don't know that I would do that as someone. And it just goes to show how close everybody feels with a us you know and that they don't feel uncomfortable doing it. And I'll go in the if you want to accompany. That's an. I'll back to how you got to look like. An or replace two of established important. Good morning the morning coffee club. Eight you know and no stranger danger. It's what I'm saying in the no man but I don't weird spot I mean the guy it's better than the alternative in this job like him nobody. Article utters straight victory go to a game here or Concord. But the notion on the scheme. About 039. Court. I'd always hear from him. Good morning B morning coffee club they doubt they'll have up and not worry about. Global spot I worked in local yeah. Everybody knows everybody. No and that's why I've I had said I would do it. Clearly were bringing my outweigh here out and he. So you know where he lives deal. Rot pat I know he lives on a late act or gotten back Euro or pick it up at our lake I know where or who. And moved up to lake about four years three years ago. All. Yen not far. But yet or yellow. Are around strict art that. Keep my eyes open. But there are very. Accurately you know everybody. That he's been found. Now all of the guys seem nice we talked fish and he asked me Furman number I even told him as they did this is the first and never given indeed a phone number etc. yeah. But I and I love my grandmother he wanted to do something good for him is then I I don't know I just said yes. Well. What I order OPEC being put on our non. All I ever picked him and take care they need morning coffee club good morning. Our hero. And we're doing. Very. Elbow. But can't that being a shore up the program out here on how Bert are. Also exodus. Begin. Mile track couldn't be there from earlier. Than that and oh but the army's Guerrero in right and the army. I ever say.