BMCC-0807 Newmans cooler dilemma

Monday, August 7th


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If you guys need any advice signed campaign I am nine now the news staff camping expert. And it's money's named. So is coming to you just get ready to. Hear a lot of camp being in camping related. Content comment from Maine. Because I've been bitten by the bug. Around. I didn't start by saying hey guys have you heard about this apple can't base they they got you let this. Get loaded. That's right you pack your stuff and that's us losing any sleep intense stuff that he liked cooked on open flames it's awesome. Now when. A mile Stanley went Cooperstown. Last week and I can data KO way. Campground. For her. Than her groove for narrates. Asked look out there. And I've got again okay Hamas is still missed flawless. I don't do without any pain. And I'm I'm just on kick in champions but RA and Hamlin. My question and it's the biggest. Beef I go back. Is having to buy it I saw all the time. Buy it there is a conflict. Nine. You know I see there's a little hypocrisy here so I gotta be careful how word this. I'll spend money on some dumb crap right but are these G Eddie coolers where's it you know anybody with the eighty cooler. It'll keep your rice for like four days. As I just get regular Ole igloo Jones yeah and it builds. Matt the next morning and so every day am I haven't been blow. Reid fresh the accidents of pain in the by bright. So I'm looking at these jedi coolers which is supposed to keep on for days and days. But they're like 033600. Dollars for these stains so even when I was at a Wal-Mart. I took a stroll. By the coolers there and knock off tea caddies in the ozark trail you wal mart's version of the Eddie. They're. Only like a hundred dollars cheaper than the daddy. I think there's another one called skeleton. See those on the station shows that are like a yeah Eddie. Player used one. I used yet ready warm any do you key today. And in the I don't know a gently used see pictures and everything but I guarantee it's still going to be expensive considering that the used item. The price that much. Yeah I mean outlook on my virtual online garage sales Korea. You ask senior management like teaching them like little uncertain they'll like 250. Dollars and I'm like man. I spent some money on some crap before ban I've been tapping the brakes on this one. I don't know would you camp more than anything else this summer I know and I have four more trips plan of the season and so. A lot of ice. I don't I think get nice to every time we go to Q got to bring the food. And I am by I salute you and I ice to bring it back in you know I get these in the grosses me out the most is. I'll put it like four pack of butter sticks. You know in the cooler Kazaa a using coat in here in the in the ice melts in gets all the way that this is an anger at the it's. In vineyard butter starts this seat about and you get this film all along the side meaning you can use your eyes to make captain Morgan in coats. Is unsolved mass the struggle is three that with a 94092. Is our studio tech science we got some calls on hold it TT to UWB. Earlier items you don't want to get water Oregon's applied tags what is this amateur hour hole hole. Are you new around here this is angry. At Doral amateur show. The morning coffee club good morning. Mark. Government needs to. Pay are excellent credit crisis. That. Yeah yeah on its a bit and I think says walks and because. It would stop it from leaking all over screw it. Habits and can stop them from Milton. Wallace. You know quote. It makes sense in. Good advice this Kurt. And I could count on you. Are things night. To be here thanks for the in seep up. Line on your next morning. Oh. Yes it's. Very big Dylan and in my house. I I'd rather have apple act. I. Pat and they all that they are. There. Have been apple had been blown. There are. A bit and. That's that says what did you say the rival company was called. Arctic. Aren't I'll look that thinks it isn't like the weight loss industry like the couple's split right there and competing businesses against each other. A decent. Game and you think. You next on the beat. I heard that it in the about where Obama and a cooler yeah it's gone. Oh. Well let her our. Act. A lot. Because. It let up 100 out of an. Act you're right out. Of the water it up up up. 10. No opt to Bethlehem did you really do that or did you see that on interest. I get it right edit it at. Aipac that I properly. Swing. It takes appreciated. I didn't upon us on that on line bows like nobody does that realized. It ain't so much.