BMCC-0807 A stranger recorded TJ being stupid

Monday, August 7th


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Well someone took a video of me doing something stupid. Over the weekend on Saturday I mean I was it was probably one of the dumbest things I've done in a long time and I looked over and someone has a video camera. Total stranger. But they're following. I had rented a stroller. At that huge I've never been to go to Niagara outlets yet and so I rented a stroller 'cause my five year old I knew it make it all the way through. And I never rented one before so. It's you know we've been there for hours my eyes were all glazed over I was exhausted from shopping. Some try to figure out how to put the stroller back then the rental thing. Like it dispenser and then you gotta like put it back in there and so it's not going into trying to turn around. Then and try different we all yeah I mean I look like an idiot I actually did this went on I would say it probably took me close to ten minutes. Put the stroller Bakken. And so I'm typical I'm talking to myself getting frustrated. We'll come to find out if I actually would have read these instructions. Next to it clearly said returned from the other end. So I'm trying to put it in the eyes anyways so I looked over to my right as I'm rolling around to put it in the right way in some man has been recording me on his. Sitting. Recording me and I was like oh my gosh. Today posted I don't know what you confront him no less. They confront. Some street and I just felt I might well there that is he watched me do best. Stupidly long enough that he decided you know lack under record that. Like if you people just do that. You have pretty much I mean if fear. In public. Much just like the news you know if they're didn't B roll or whatever people locked him by at the park chat fest like this weekend. If fear in public. They don't need your permission to video UN. Even post you'd now fear on private property. You know saying. I don't know like a sea breeze or something and and they have a policy. Ya know video in then they can say there's no video and policy. And then they. I don't know can even go as far as getting him kicked out for trespassing does that but if you earn public man I now audio is different. They can't record conversations. In public but right house videos that you came here. All honorable so cruel re EP it was a very creepy creepy moment for me you know all the judges think it so I've just. Stop with this total stranger has me on video now and I don't know what he's gonna do with that I assume he's gotta post it as some stupid moment in public. It doesn't Niagara Falls one day last week and I know Lama and about 800. Japanese tourists.